Monday, July 4, 2016

Super-Articulated "Episode VII - Han Solo" created by Darth Daddy

On this day of celebrating independence, Customs for the Kid felt Han Solo best embodied the rebel spirit that we all wish we could emulate.  Assisting in taking out two Death Stars and the Starkiller Base in Force Awakens, I can think of no other so accomplished.  Paying tribute to the character meant constructing and executing a plan.

"Episode VII - Han Solo" 
created by Darth Daddy

Transitioning the 5 POA action figure into a super-articulated one is easier than you would think, and all it takes to pull it off are parts from three Han Solo figures that can currently be found in stores.  First, I popped the head and jacket off of the "Force Awakens" Han Solo to set them aside to use in my project, and then placed the rest of the figure back in the fodder bin to use some other day. Next, I drilled the waist peg for The Black Series Endor Han Solo in the open space at the back of the figure to separate the lower from the upper torso. I then drilled what was left of the peg out of the inside of the upper torso to maintain a clear channel while being careful not to damage or change the upper torso in any way.  I then used a Dremel to hard-sculpt the front of the Endor shirt to texture the top to match the lower torso that I boiled free from the The Black Series - Han Solo "Starkiller Base" action figure which I planned to use the legs from.  I also borrowed the blaster and holster from this Han. While the peg on top of the lower torso was still warm, I connected the Starkiller Base legs to the bottom of the Endor Han torso. I then prepped the joints in the elbows and shoulders of the newly formed figure to eliminate paint rub. After that, I painted the arms on the figure to look like the sleeves of the removable jacket of the "Force Awakens" Han Solo by mixing some black and brown acrylic paint to match it as close as I could.  I also painted the two separate colors of the top and bottom shirts from my action figure to create a shared color that would no longer contrast each other. At the end all that was left to do was open the neck peg hole a little on the head before attaching it snugly to the top. When the figure was completely dry and sealed, I slipped the removable jacket from the 5POA figure onto my new creation.  The custom figure doesn't take very long to do at all and can be finished in just an hour or two.


The Black Series Endor Han Solo - Upper Torso and arms

The Black Series - Han Solo "Starkiller Base" - Hips, Legs, Holster and Blaster

"Force Awakens" Han Solo - Head and Removable Jacket


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