Friday, September 9, 2016


A lot of really cool offerings have recently become available to enhance your Star Wars custom dioramas.  Companies like FigureWorks and Hole In The Ground Productions have been hard at work designing and producing some impressive items for your Return of the Jedi and A New Hope collection displays.

Rotisserie Accessory

First up from FigureWorks, is a Rotisserie accessory for your Jabba's palace diorama that is now ready for purchase in both 1:12 (6") and 1:18 (3.75") scale. Prices vary between painted and unpainted sets. The 1:18 scale will also have the option to be purchased as an assembly kit at a lower price. Refer to photos for reference.


1:12 SCALE
Painted - $50 shipped
Unpainted - $45 shipped

1:18 SCALE
Painted - $30 shipped
Unpainted - $25 shipped
Assembly Kit - $22 shipped

Note: FigureWorks asks that international orders cover the difference of cost for their shipping.


Next, for your viewing pleasure, we have some new items from Hole In The Ground Productions. We have featured multiple items from this store in the past. We always look forward to their new offerings and their latest releases sure don't disappoint!


This archway matches the height of their other wall panels and 7.5" wide. It is 1/4" thick and not free standing.


Starship Doorway

The Starship Doorway is the same width as the Starship (center column) wall. The doorway comes with decals.

The Starship door is made to fit on the doorway. It does not rest on the same level so it must be glued into place.

If you want to use the doorway at the end of a corridor, it would make the corridor narrow, so for a wider corridor, they have wall extensions.

$15 Doorway

$6 Starship Door

$5 Wall Extensions

Debris piece

This construct can be used for almost anything. (perhaps a stadium for a flea circus!) Unlike their other kits that are resin cast, this item includes two pieces of cut PVC tube and a series of precision cut interlocking plastic parts. The assembled part is 4.5" diameter and 1.5" tall.


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