Sunday, September 18, 2016

GEONOSIAN QUEEN - "KARINA THE GREAT" created by Customs for the Kid

This character took over 24 hours to build and bring into toy form.  First we sculpted a skeleton of styrofoam, then covered it in air dry clay, sealed it in spackle before we sculpted in all the fine details and finally painted her in time for Episode 20 of "Customizing The Clone Wars".

Darth Daddy built the styrofoam skeleton and Elias helped him lay clay down on the frame and established the form.  Elias  then fabricated her necklace and tabard from ProCreate, and then Darth Daddy went back and sculpted in the fine details on those pieces after he sculpted out the crown. Then Elias painted the abdomen while Darth Daddy painted the thorax and the figure itself. Elias finished the paint on her necklace and tabard as Darth Daddy finished painting the crown.  The different stages of the build are all illustrated in the latest episode of "Customizing The Clone Wars."

Now we have a great display piece to go along with all of our Zombie Geonosian action figures!

created by Customs for the Kid


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