Friday, October 7, 2016

CLONE WARS "SORA BULQ" created by Darth Daddy

Although the Star Wars character Sora Bulq had a prominent role throughout the comics based on the Clone Wars era of the saga, in the TV series he was relegated to the background and never even received a speaking part or featured as a main character in an episode.  He stood at conference tables, paid his respects at a Jedi funeral and walked down the halls of the Jedi Temple, but well that was about it. 

So why make him?

Well, because we had the parts to make him, and we wanted to do an exclusive reveal for Episode 22 of "Customizing The Clone Wars".  He took only half a day to create the figure with a Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi, the braids from a Hondo Ohnaka, and a head cast of an original Weequay head sculpt that I made to make pirates from Hondo's gang.  Once it was built we painted him and called it a wrap.

created by Darth Daddy


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