Friday, December 2, 2016

3.75" SUPER-ARTICULATED "CHIRRUT ÎMWE" created by Darth Daddy

With Rogue One only two weeks away, we felt it was about time we posted our first custom action figure from the new film. When deciding what character to make the decision was pretty easy.  Many of you wouldn't know this, but Dad is a huge kung fu aficionado.  We have a few hundred kung fu movies in our home library and Donnie Yen's movies are in abundance.  When we found out he was going to be starring in Rogue One, we knew it was a movie we wanted to see based on his appearance alone.

We still can't believe this character wasn't released in Wal-mart's Black Series line because an action figure of a martial arts master with barely any articulation is just outright sinful.  Well, leave it to the customizers to correct yet another huge oversight by Hasbro.

We tried to use as much of the original figure as we could when putting this figure together.  We kept the head, upper torso and forearms of the original figure as well as the slip over removable cape.  The legs and lower torso we stole from a Vintage Darth Maul. We cut the original figure in half and bored up into the body to hollow it out to accept the Maul legs and create waist articulation. The shoulders, upper arms, and elbow joints were from a Clone Wars Count Dooku action figure.  Dad created the soft goods from scratch and he used some ProCreate to blend the original forearms to the elbow joints and to recreate the shoulder sash on Chirrut Îmwe's left arm. Dad used some Midnight Blue paint to match Dooku's arms to the original figure.

Dad also added articulation at the left wrist and on both forearms.  He drilled completely through the shoulders of the torso and added a cylinder of plastic with some holes drilled in at the end to attach the shoulder joints to the sockets that were originally designed for the swivel joints of the once 5POA action figure.  Now the figure is articulated so we can place him into all the dynamic poses we always wished we could.

Chirrut Îmwe was a blind human male, born on the moon Jedha, and a spiritual warrior-monk who was active during the days of the Galactic Empire. Alongside his friend and protector, Baze Malbus, he and other members of a rogue group of Rebels fought in an effort to steal the plans of the first Death Star.

created by Darth Daddy

Background by thecardboardgalaxy

Original Hasbro 3.75" 5POA action figure.