Friday, March 24, 2017

"CALAMARI CREWMAN" created by Elias

This was an action figure that was inspired by some friends of ours.  This custom Star Wars figure is just a simple repaint of The Black Series "Admiral Ackbar" action figure that can be found at Wal-mart locations  at a deep discount if you are fortunate enough to come across one.  All that needed to be done was a little prep work and some new paint.  The joints on the figure were reduced with a Dremel to prevent paint rub before any paint was applied.  After a few hours of effort was put into the paint application we had a new character to populate our Rebel alliance display shelf.

One of the coolest parts of doing this project was taking the time to bring attention to a great project that Star Wars customizer Peak-OB1 Custom Creations recently did prior to Toy Fair New York to give the Hasbro action figure design team some ideas on how to make some new Star Wars characters in action figure form using existing parts that have already been massed produced.  By using these parts, Hasbro would not need to spend more in production costs, only re-release old molds with new paint schemes and some minimal part swapping to give collectors some really desirable new characters to add to our collections.

created by Elias


"Hello friends, Peak-OB1 here, just wanted share one of the many projects i have been working on.... How cool would it be to stop for a moment and because we are all fans of star wars, celebrate it in OUR OWN WAY???? 

Here for the first time, is an idea i have had in the works for some time now, a "KITBASHED 3.75 LINE" of sorts, to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

How cool would it be if Hasbro took existing products and made us "NEW CHARACTERS" that we can be inspired by???? 

Give me your thoughts on these...." - Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Calamari Rebel"
created by Evilivo

Peak-OB1 used Star Wars customizer Evilivo's "Calamari Rebel" as inspiration when he made his own figure.  Dad bought the parts to recreate Evilivo's version.

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