Friday, March 31, 2017

Hasbro Petition: Make Super-Articulated 3.75" Star Wars Figures Mainstream Again

Super-articulated action figures are what makes blogs like ours exist.  If you want to support the artists who fabricate dioramas, create photonovels or make super-articulated action figures then please sign this petition.  With the re-introduction of action figures with only five points of articulation, these artforms are quickly losing steam.  Established artists are running out of materials to make new pieces and newer artists that want to join the community are discouraged by the high prices of the older super-articulated figures that they need to get started.  We have seen so many amazing projects come from the action figure artist community to let it just disappear into obscurity. Please take a few moments and show your support by signing this petition.  It only takes a few seconds! 

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In 1977, Star Wars took the world by storm. Renowned toy company Kenner gained the rights to produce toys based on the film, and the Star Wars 3.75" action figure and toy craze began. In 1995, Kenner brought back Star Wars action figures under their parent company Hasbro. For the next 17 years, Star Wars action figures evolved and improved, receiving high levels of detail and articulation. In 2013, Hasbro devolved their Star Wars figures into very simplistic designs with a basic 5 points of articulation (5POA). In 2015, their 3.75" super-articulated figures (SA) were given as an exclusive to Walmart, where releases are infrequent and comprised primarily of older, repackaged figures. Distribution and availability under Walmart has been abysmal, and the morale and dedication of lifelong collectors and supporters of Star Wars 3.75" super-articulated figures is dwindling. 

Hasbro- Please bring back super-articulated figures as a mainstream product line with respectable availability at all major retailers. With better product being available to worldwide customers and patrons of Hasbro, you will sell more products and regain your reputation as the world's leading maker of mass-produced toys. As a lifelong customer of Kenner and Hasbro, I have become disheartened and disengaged by the lack of quality Star Wars action figures in the 3.75" scale. Not all figures require super-articulation, but every mainstream figure available should not be 5POA. Your fans, collectors, and customers want to give you our money. Please deliver figures in the 3.75" range that are deserving of it.

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