Monday, April 17, 2017


So Customs for the Kid have been hard at work all week creating content for our blog. Dad has been working on a new Clone Wars action figure for a future episode of "Customizing The Clone Wars", and I have been venturing into some new territory by tackling my first ever Star Wars diorama piece.  I had a school assignment where I had to document my journey as I adopted a new skill. Since I have been making custom Star Wars action figures for 7 years now, I figured it was time that I tried to make my first diorama. The best part about this assignment was that I decided to do a step by step video of my entire process from start to finish.  I put so much work into the video that I decided I would share the tutorial with all of you once it is completed. In the video, I cover the build of the Sandpeople hut complete with interior details, the creation of the desert environment, and how to use LED's and a glue gun to create fire effects.  I'm almost done with the video editing so stay tuned for the release of my video and pictures of the completed project!

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