Monday, April 3, 2017

John Iacono's 6" Custom Star Wars Collection

If there was one criticism that could be made about our blog, it would be that we don't feature 6" custom Star Wars figures. The second critique would be that we don't feature enough Clone Trooper customs.  So to counter the critics, we figured we'd share a custom action figure collection that addresses the oversight, and give all the naysayers a little taste of what they've been looking for.  

Last weekend Darth Daddy had the opportunity to visit Star Wars customizer John Iacono at his home, and while there he took in all the eye candy that John had displayed on his shelves. Yeah, it's true we only customize in the 1:18 scale, but that didn't stop Dad from drooling over all the cool 6" custom figures that were showcased from floor to ceiling.  Like us, John Iacono had the work of numerous artists in his collection in addition to his own custom action figure creations and Dad really enjoyed getting to see what artists were doing in the larger scale.  John's custom Clone Trooper creations were out of this world!

John Iacono's collection was so unique that we had to share it with you all, because it was truly noteworthy.  We couldn't get over the size and scope of his collection.  He had figures from The Prequels straight through to The Force Awakens.  He even had Legends characters and a sizable Rogue One presence.  John's Clone Trooper customs were just stellar!

It was really cool to find such a vast Star Wars custom collection so close to home. Dad left having a lot of admiration for the artists working in the 6" scale, and the collection he was privy to seeing had some of the best artists out there today!

"Wolffe and Colt Clone Troopers"
created by Cody Kreuziger

"Jabba Han in Carbonite Diorama"
created by Daniel Garcia

"Monster High Ahsoka Tano"
created by Jedi Ash Designs

"Savage Opress, Mechanical Maul, Ahsoka Tano & Nightsister"
created by Kevin Watkins 

"Old Rex and Wolffe, Young Boba Fett, Swimming Kit Fisto, Bib Fortuna, 501st Clone Heads & Ki Adi Mundi head cast and paint"
created by Jason Harrop 

"Zeb, Ezra & Embo with Marrok"
created by Rex Barja 

"Season 3 Sabine Wren & General Krell"
created by Frank Lach

"Speeder Bikers"
created by Christina Mehr Iacono

John Iacono's 6" Custom Star Wars Collection

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