Thursday, May 4, 2017

"DEATH SQUAD COMMANDER" created by Elias

Not only is today Star Wars Day, but this year is also the 40th anniversary of Star Wars! To celebrate Customs for the Kid figured we would bring an old Vintage figure to life that collectors are still waiting to see made with some modern sensibilities. Namely super-articulation...

Action figure collectors were really bummed this year when the Death Star Commander was released in the 6" scale by Hasbro in his black outfit rather than in his original Vintage Imperial greys.  So to pay tribute to the figure from the childhood of the OTC crowd we figured we'd showcase a custom version of the character to celebrate May the 4th.  Elias made the helmet a little more screen accurate and gave the figure a much needed paint job to complete the piece.

It was a great way to enhance the our collection here at home and a fun way to pay tribute to our favorite film franchise.  Stay tuned for a lot more custom action figures from A New Hope throughout the year as we plan to continue paying homage to the film that started it all on its 40 year anniversary.

created by Elias

One figure for inspiration and another for its creation.

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