Monday, June 26, 2017

"2X-3KPR Security Patrol Droid" created by Elias

This was a droid that was only shown for a few seconds in A New Hope after R2-D2 escapes the Lars Homestead and Luke uses his binoculars to scan the horizon to search for him. While this random droid wasn't really on our radar initially, Hole In The Ground Productions had a cool resin cadt kit available at their web store, and it was just the small push we needed to add this cool piece to our home display.

2X-3KPR was owned by Owen Lars prior to the Battle of Yavin. It was responsible for patrolling the boundaries of the Lars moisture farm at night. It had been programmed to activate alarm sensors, security lighting and power fences located around the farm for this task.

It was destroyed, however, when sandtroopers came to the homestead searching for R2-D2 and C-3PO and killed Luke Skywalker's adoptive parents in broad daylight.

Elias assembled the kit and painted it up in only a few short hours. All he had to do was add the gun and the wiring from some pieces we had in our fodder.  He couldn't be any more pleased with the results!

"2X-3KPR Security Patrol Droid"
created by Elias

Light Bulb Bot

For when you just really need a roving light bulb patrolling your homestead. This little guy comes in two or three unpainted pieces and is approximately the same size as the Stove-Bot. Two different versions are available. The standard version or with a separately clear cast bulb.

$10 (standard)
$15 (clear dome)