Monday, August 7, 2017

"WED-9-M1" created by Elias

Hole In The Ground Productions has a new droid kit available on their web store full of great resin cast pieces made to enhance your dioramas and display shelves.  Their latest WED-9 is a fun day project that only requires some paint, sandpaper and krazy glue. I first sanded down any small imperfections in the cast, then primed the figure in black paint before I dry brushed in some color. After, I applied multiple washes to give the droid the "used" look.

When everything was completely painted, I glued on the head and arms to finish up the figure.  He looks great on display along with the other figures found in our Mos Eisley street display.

WED-9-M1, also known as a bantha droid, was a WED Treadwell droid seen around Mos Eisley. Built out of spare parts by Jawas, it was owned by Ohwun and Chachi De Maal.

created by Elias


Hole in the Ground Productions 
Very cool cast store for Star Wars fans! Cast diorama pieces for 3 3/4" and 6" scale figures.

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