Friday, August 25, 2017

"K-2SO with Improved Articulation" created by Darth Daddy

This was a quick Rogue One project we did to add some articulation to Hasbro's K-2SO action figure. The 6" version of the figure had the super-articulation that we all wanted in the 3.75" scale.  Too add the articulation we used the knee and elbow joints from a Terminator action figure we purchased on eBay. We added two metal rods to the knee joints for stability by creating a post that we inserted into a hole we drilled up into the upper leg of the original figure. We did some sanding to the joints of the Terminator figure to keep the rounded edges that the original K-2SO action figure had.  By the time the project was finished we had the version we wanted adding both knee and elbow articulation to increase the figure's range of motion. We skipped adding articulation at the ankles and wrists due to the thin plastic. It was really nice to be able to increase the pose-ability of this 5 poa figure! 

"K-2SO with Improved Articulation"
created by Darth Daddy