Friday, November 3, 2017

CubesCity Customs Added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

Bryce Cooper aka CubesCity Customs started with purchasing just a few 6" figures 3 years ago, and from there his mild curiosity grew into a full collection. Soon he began seeing customs that others were making and decided he'd give it a go making some of his own customs. Bryce got his name out there with his first big commission project, an old Ben Kenobi. Unfortunately, he later realized that commissions were taking up all his free time, and customizing felt like more like a second job than a hobby. So he stopped taking commissions and focused more on individual customs for himself. 

He then met Jason Harrop, and they both realized that they had a real knack for making these custom 6" Star Wars figures. They then formed a relationship where Bryce would supply Jason with soft goods for their projects and Jason would supply him with the head sculpt and later full casting kits. They then decided to form Two Suns 6" Customs to share their work and to help others with their customs giving advice anywhere they could. The Facebook group they formed took off like wildfire!

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