Sunday, November 18, 2018

Star Wars Rebels "Sabine Wren" Collection from "Customs for the Kid"

These three figures of Sabine Wren are custom action figures of Sabine Wren from her multiple different appearances on "Star Wars Rebels".

The "Season One" version is super-articulated and was giver increased articulation by Darth Daddy. When it was first created, it had a modified head-sculpt by Darth Daddy that was later replaced with a repainted version of Hasbro's "Season Two" Sabine Wren head by Elias for consistency in the home display.

Hasbro head repainted by Elias.

Darth Daddy head-sculpt.

The action figure in the middle of the photo is just a repainted "Season Two" Sabine, to add more color into the head-sculpt and an improvement to the paint on the eyes that was painted by Elias.  

The last action figure on the left was also done by Elias. The "Season Two" Sabine head that Hasbro made was re-sculpted to represent Sabine in her "Season 3" appearance and armor was added to the legs before being completely repainted and getting a newly sculpted backpack from a modified "Clone Wars" Commander Cody action figure that received an epic paint job and magnetic connections. The Darksaber came from a "Clone Wars" Pre Vizsla action figure.

Season One - Sabine Wren

Season Three - Sabine Wren


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