Tuesday, April 14, 2015

STAR WARS: REBELS "SABINE WREN" created by Darth Daddy

I started Sabine the day after Easter, but didn't have a chance to work on her again until today.  I started brainstorming this figure before I even had the base figure.  I used a Clone Wars Padme head for Sabine's, and then sculpted hair onto it. (The Padme in the white outfit with the purple hood.)  I resculpted the lower portion of the face too. Sabine has more of a u-shaped face while Padme has more of a v-shaped face. I took the neck from that figure also so now both her helmet and new head are ball jointed. 

To add articulation, I used Cad Bane elbows and Clone Wars Aayla Secura knees. I also added swivel wrists with some spare pegs I had laying around. Today, I sculpted her knee pads, cleaned out her joints to eliminate paint rub, and painted the figure.

I posted a work in progress picture on Sunday that really made the rounds letting me know I was moving in a good direction.

created by Darth Daddy

Posed with Hasbro's Sabine Wren for comparison.

Posed with "Hera Syndulla" custom action figure created by Darth Daddy.

Posed with "Hera Syndulla" & " Chopper" custom action figures created by Darth Daddy.

Posed with a "Zeb", 'Kanan" & "Ezra" custom action figures
created by SWK Kustoms.


Sabine "Work In Progress" picture

created by DARTH DADDY:

C1-10P aka CHOPPER
with Accessories


Zeb's Extended Bo-Rifle

Zeb's Bo-Rifle Modification

Inquisitor Lightsaber Modifications

Agent Kallus

Zare Leonis

Tank Transport Pilot

created by SWK KUSTOMS