Sunday, April 29, 2018

3.75" "CRUSHER" ROODOWN Action Figure painted by Darth Daddy

Roodown, nicknamed "Crusher" Roodown, was an Abednedo scavenger on the planet Jakku that angered his employer, the junk dealer Unkar Plutt, who suspected he was selling salvage to a different buyer. As a consequence, Plutt's thugs cut off his arms, ending his life as a scavenger. However, Roodown was allowed to work for Plutt as a strong back around Niima Outpost using his replacement load-lifter arms, which greatly increased his strength.

He witnessed Plutt being kidnapped by the criminal Zool Zendiat, and described what had happened to the scavenger Rey when she arrived to investigate. When the Star Destroyer Spectral was uncovered by a storm in the desert, Plutt encouraged the scavengers of Niima to ransack it for him and had Roodown throttle the scavenger Teedo when he questioned the junk dealer. Constable Zuvio then sliced off Roodown's mechanical hand in order to stop any further harm befalling Teedo. In 34 ABY, shortly after the First Order attacked the nearby Tuanul village, he passed by Rey in the outpost.

This action figure was made from a very rare cast figure model that was created by ASIS FILM MODELS. It was a limited edition cast and the sculpt is just amazing! When I saw Roodown in The Force Awakens, he was the first character that I knew I wanted an action figure of. Unfortunately, Hasbro never made him. Fortunately for me, ASIS FILM MODELS did. The cast was a lot of fun to paint and I really love the design of the cast. Unlike the majority of ASIS's offerings that are completely static, this cast actually has ball jointed shoulders. He looks great on display with all of our other Force Awakens action figures.

We highly recommend the offerings of ASIS FILM MODELS.

painted by Darth Daddy


Saturday, March 10, 2018

CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT UPDATE: "Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays" by thecardboardgalaxy

Quite some time ago, we came across some very cool custom Star Wars action figure displays  on eBay.  We thought that they were the perfect backgrounds to display the custom action figures that we make for the blog. It was then that we learned about the Star Wars custom artist that went by the name thecardboardgalaxy.  We received our first three backgrounds in the mail and were so impressed with the products being offered, we buy his new displays every chance we get. Check out our most recent acquisitions below of Han Solo's Eravana corridor, Ach To, and Jedha displays.

If you want to catch the eyes of your peers, a nice background is key to your overall presentation, even if it is just a clean solid background color. We highly recommend these displays to custom action figure artists that want to display their finished action figure art in all its glory.  If you spend hours working on a figure it deserves a good photoshoot with a nice background to complement it. Good backgrounds are something we can't stress enough to artists just starting out.  

"Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays" 
created by thecardboardgalaxy

"Porgs" available from Asis Film Models


Available Action Figure Displays

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Vintage Style Cardback Kit by thewriteguy

Last week we received an email from Star Wars customizer Howard Wen aka thewriteguy informing us of a Vintage Style Cardback Kit that he recently created. Some of you may remember the epic plans for his cardboard 1:18 scale U-Wing that he  shared with all of our readers so they could make a better scaled version of the Rogue One vehicle at home. We thought it was great how he released his plans to the public so everyone could download them for free. 

His latest kit includes pre-made layer stacks that work on Paint-NET (a free image editor for Windows) that gives you the ability to make cardbacks of your own. Basically, all you need to do is add a photo or artwork, turn "on" or "off" layer categories for figure frame and nameplate sizes, bar frame effects, etc., and you can generate a Vintage-style cardback design with ease in no time at all. The result will be a cardback in 6" x 9" size, 300 dpi. He even included instructions for how to glue your printed cardback design onto card stock.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this awesome offer just click the links below!

If you use another image editor, like Photoshop, then you can download just the templates.

You can check out examples of cards created with his layer stack kit here: