Wednesday, February 24, 2021


The Quarrie figure pictured here was purchased from @angryraccoonminiatures (aka @howlingduck) on Instagram.

After we got the figure in the mail, we made a few special modifications ourselves. Darth Daddy painted the base colors onto the figure and then Elias modified the eyes and lower half of the head sculpt with some ProCreate to produce a "Customs for the Kid" head for the final figure that is pictured here. After, Elias added some highlights to my original paintjob to finish it up so I could take these photos, I went and added a few touch ups of my own after he wrapped up. A true team project from three different artists. 

@angryraccoonminiatures have plenty of other noteworthy "Star Wars Rebels" characters available for purchase in his Etsy store so be sure to check them out!

Quarrie was a Mon Calamari starship engineer who lived on the remote planet of Shantipole during the Age of the Empire. After the early rebellion suffered losses against the Galactic Empire during an attempted blockade run, rebel Hera Syndulla and members of her crew came to Shantipole in order to retrieve the prototype B-Wing, Prototype B6, which he dubbed the "Blade Wing." Quarrie was initially uninterested, as he did not believe Syndulla to be the right pilot for his ship. However, her story of growing up and dreaming of being a pilot swayed Quarrie's mind, and he allowed her to test the starfighter.

After a successful test run, the starfighter was taken back to the network's fleet. For the journey, he also installed a hyperdrive and an exterior astromech socket on Hera's shuttle Phantom. The Phantom then towed the B-wing prototype to the planet Ibaar. With the B-Wing's advanced weaponry, the Rebels were able to break the Imperial blockade over the planet Ibaar and deliver food to the planet's starving populace. Afterwards, Quarrie, along with his Lothal astromech droid BG-81, left the network fleet in order to oversee the production of more B-Wings for the rebel cause.

Quarrie was a short, male Mon Calamari master engineer who specialized in building starships. He took pride in his work and was eager to experiment with speed, agility, and weapons. Quarrie was not a pilot, and was only willing to let the best pilot fly his Prototype B6 starfighter. His prototype B6 became the basis for the rebellion's A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter.

Quarrie's name is derived from the name of concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. He first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels - Season Two episode "Wings of the Master," which premiered on Disney XD on November 11, 2015. He was voiced by Corey Burton, who later reprised the role in the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


by @angryraccoonminiatures

Face sculpt by Elias of "Customs for the Kid"

Painted by "Customs for the Kid"



Etsy Store

by Darth Daddy

Monday, February 8, 2021


This action figure was initially created for our YouTube show "Customizing The Clone Wars". Osi Sobeck was the lead villain in the story we covered for our episode, and he begged to be made into a toy. The first head sculpt for the figure was extremely rushed so we could get it done in time for the show. While making the figure, we quickly noticed the direction the size of the head was going just wasn't working as well for the character as the body was. We wrapped the action figure up minutes before we filmed the episode for the show with the knowledge we would have to fix the head at a later time. Dad was very open during the episode about his dislike for the head sculpt and said it would be revisited after the show wrapped up. While we did just that, it took about 4 years before we actually got back to it! 

Thankfully though, we finally did Osi Sobeck justice. 

created by Customs for the Kid


Friday, January 15, 2021


Stanley Opiel II was an incredibly gifted, prolific Star Wars custom action figure artist who breathed so much life into the Star Wars customizing community. His steadfast determination to bring the definitive versions of all the unreleased characters to fruition was admirable. He will be forever missed by his friends and Stan will always stand as an inspiration to us all. He was the heart of our customizing community.

Star Wars Modern Vintage Customs Facebook Group

Instagram Page

Customizers gathered from all over the world to pay their respects.

If you know, you know....

Friday, January 1, 2021


Another year behind us, but not just any was our blog's ten year anniversary in 2020 and we were sure to celebrate it with some of our friends. We kept busy as usual and we even announced some big changes like Darth Daddy reducing his role a bit going forward. 

Dad started the year off by breaking in our new 3-D printer utilizing some cool free droid files with characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story that we found on the Rebelscum forums. Dad even painted up some cool 3-D prints from Star Wars Rebels like Morai, HURID-327 from Force Awakensand CB-23 from Resistance. Based on the results so far, the 3-D printing trend will continue to play a big role here on the blog for years to come.

While Darth Daddy was tackling droids Elias made a bunch of Clone Wars custom action figures for the "Kessel Run Transmissions" videocast who also had Customs for the Kid participate in some of their roundtables for the last season of The Clone Wars and the second season of The Mandalorian

Customs for the Kid also did our part to promote the "Back TVC" movement this year and continues to offer our support to expand and grow the 3.75" line. 

The purpose of this petition is to provide Hasbro with actionable market data to justify the investment in more new 3.75" Star Wars Vintage Collection figures every year. 

By signing this petition, I affirm the following:

1. Collecting Hasbro's 3.75" Star Wars Vintage Collection is / will be a hobby of mine.

2. In order to retain / attract me as a customer, Hasbro must produce more newly tooled figures each year than is currently being produced, and those figures need to be in close alignment with the desires of the collector community.

3. I am more likely to visit retail locations that properly stock and manage Hasbro's 3.75" Star Wars Vintage Collection, and will also do so more frequently.

As Star Wars action figure customizers these action figures are necessary to continue our art form. If you could please sign to support the blog, it would be greatly appreciated!

#BackTVC #FightForTVC #Save375

One of the most exciting endeavors we got to be a part of was the big return of Wookielover1138's "Kessel Run Review" show after her long 7-year hiatus. She was a big part of this blog when we started and we loved seeing her return. We've always been huge fans of the way she promotes the Star Wars custom action figure community and we will be sure to post more of her videos as they get released.

Venturing into new territory, Elias made his first stop motion film, thanks to a school assignment he had late in the year. He incorporated some of our old Rogue One customs, an old Rebels diorama, his Hasbro toys and a green screen to bring the 15-second video to life.


Elias also did his first action figure tutorial for our YouTube channel showing our audience how he brought a Star Wars Rebels Gregor to life. The tutorial video covers materials needed, safety tips, Dremel use, sculpting techniques, articulating 5poa figures, molding and casting, as well as paint application. We plan on doing a lot more of these in 2021.

Parent Supervision Required!

We did a lot of fun, new 100% sculpted figures in 2020 like Azmorigan, Lux Bonteri, and a Lothwolf. We even revisited some old ones like Elias' second set of Jedi Younglings from The Clone Wars that were done on commission. Updated some older figures like Pre Vizsla and Bo Katan courtesy of a new head and some accessories from audes_workshop. Elias had the pleasure of painting up the cast of a friend's Ziro the Hutt, and we added a Star Wars Rebels Hondo Ohnaka to the collection along with a better headcast for Governor Pryce thanks to Watto's Scrapyard. We even committed some blasphemy by leaving the traditional scale we work in by showcasing a 6" Ahsoka Tano that Elias made for a commission. My favorite part of this year though was adding an animated 3.75" Clone Wars "Siege of Mandalore" Ahsoka Tano of my own to my collection!

All the Star Wars custom action figures we made in 2020 can be seen in the video at the very beginning of the post or just click on any of the various hyperlinks for more information on what is listed here.