Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tholoth in Evening Dress

With Dad busy putting more work into the "Customs I Wish I Owned" page, he hasn't had the time to work on any of his customs.

So instead of Dad posting one of his customs, I figured I'd post my latest custom.

She's a Tholothian in an evening dress. I made her from a Stass Allie action figure and a Padme Amidalla in the Evening Dress. The fur covering is from a vintage Emperor Palpatine. All I had to do was paint the torso and arms with some help from Dad to keep me in the lines.

We use her as a diorama filler in our Cloud City Casino. She is an old flame of Lando Calrissian.


My Tholoth was just featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.