Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Rodian Band - The Family Easter Project

This was a really fun project that Dad and I worked on together. I had a bunch of Rodian heads in our fodder box and had the idea to make a Rodian band and added a human female dancer to round out the mix. I did the kitbashing and Dad used some Apoxie Sculpt, a few fodder pieces and paint to differentiate them and make them stand out as individuals.

The Rodian Band were well known street musicians that could be found in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. A colorful bunch that could be found in the cantina after a long day spending their hard earned credits.

created by Elias and Darth Daddy

Captain Ryll, the band leader, could have been a huge star if it wasn't for spending all his profits on glitterstim. By the time he was performing on the streets of Tatooine, his ship had sailed and fame was no longer within his reach. He really loved his hat made of Wookiee fur that was quickly becoming the new up and coming fashion trend.

Blind Bob was a blind kloo horn player and longtime friend of Captain Ryll.

Dad modified the holster on the Greedo action figure so it could hold the drumsticks.

The human dancer Famligletti was a slave since childhood. She was won in a bet by Captain Ryll. His last dancer disappeared under mysterious circumstances and she filled the position at just the right time. Some people say Captain Ryll rigged the bet.

We painted everyone in Easter pastels.

Pinkeeata was Captain Ryll's girlfriend and co-founder of the band. They constantly fight, but Ryll knows that there are few people that can play the ommni box as well as she does, so he just always does what he can to keep her happy for the sake of the band.

Although Captain Ryll loves to bang the drum he prefers to stick to his bandfill on most of the group's songs.

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