Wednesday, August 10, 2011


B as in Barriss that is, or Bane if you consider the source of this modification. One night while talking to Luke Sprywalker on Skype, Dad mentioned that he wanted to create a more articulated Clone Wars Barriss Offee action figure and Sprywalker mentioned that Cad Bane's elbow joints would be perfect for her knees. The advice was so cool that we thought we'd share it. It takes only an Exacto knife and the small drill bit set for your Dremel. Just cut out the knees of your action figure, use the 1/16" drill bit from your drill set to go the desired depth into her thighs and calves then reassemble the limbs using the elbow joints on the Cad Bane. We still have to use some Apoxie Sculpt to smooth out the rough edges and paint her, but we thought a lot of our readers may want to tackle this one so we thought we'd show you this WIP action figure.


Work In Progress Picture
If you use the elbow joints of the 1st Cad Bane action figure, you can use the joints to create articulated knees in the CW Barriss Offee action figure.