Monday, November 26, 2012


So you're all in for a real astromech treat.  We've been wanting to do this post for over a month now, but it never got put together until now.  The good news is we have a lot of these long overdue treats coming down the assembly line.

These next two droids were both created by Star Wars action figure customizer Wraithnine.  When Dad heard that Wraithnine was selling the R2-C2 that he created, Dad thought it would be cool if we gave him a home next to the Ziro the Hutt that Dad created.  Dad bought him right away as a birthday present for me back in October.

What's even cooler was that Wraithnine sent me a R2-T8 astromech as a birthday gift from him.  Thanks so much Jay! That was very generous of you.  The droid is a shining example of why you are the astromech GOD! I love seeing Ziro and R2-C2 next to each other.  Your droids make my room more magical.

 "Ziro's Droid R2-C2"
created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

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