Sunday, June 1, 2014

Super-Articulated "8D8 aka Atedeeate" Action Figure created by Elias

Last month I was checking out the Facebook page of Colins Customs and I saw him super-articulate an 8D8 droid with the arms and legs of a Build A Droid BG-J38 from the old Legacy B.A.D. collection.  I thought it would be a cool project to tackle since I had the spare parts laying around.  I asked Dad to help me modify the legs so that I could add the pistons from the old 5 POA 8D8 figure from the POTF line and add the pistons to my B.A.D. legs.  Once Dad finished the modifications for me, I painted the figure.  Now not only does he have the original swivel shoulders and neck, but he also now has ball jointed hips, as well as added articulation in his elbows, knees, and ankles.

"Originally designed for work in ore extraction facilities, 8D8 and other members of his series were strong, solid, and simple.  At some point, he was modified to serve as a starship maintenance droid

Following EV-9D9's migration to Jabba's Palace's on Tatooine in Cyborg Operations, 8D8 was completely reprogrammed to serve as a dedicated torturer of both droids, and organics.
Despite his programming, 8D8 retained a secret dislike for his sadistic taskmaster, EV-9D9. 

Around 4 ABY, during the time that Rebels came to rescue Han Solo from Jabba, 8D8 was following EV-9D9's order by torturing a GNK power droid with a mechanical smelting device that featured a hot glowing iron." - from Wookiepedia.

I'm really glad I had the time to submit one more entry in the Yakfinities #52: Jabba's Entourage contest over at before it comes to a close.

"8D8 aka Atedeeate" 
created by Elias


Hasbro's 8D8

This action figure was inspired by the super-articulated 8D8 droid that was created by Colins Customs:

My 8D8 was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

My 8D8 was featured on the Facebook page of

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