Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This is what was under my Christmas tree this year. Every Christmas is a Star Wars Christmas here at home. You can't really see everything I received in this video. I got waves 1-3 of the Black Series. The new Vintage X-wing for Biggs is pretty buried, as well as my LEGO Jabba's Palace and LEGO Rancor Pit. You also can't see my full Dark Times library, but most everything else is visible. The big blue round ball is a Death Star mold for ice or chocolate. The Clone Wars custom action figures were all made by Peakob1 Custom Creations, except for the Clone Officer who was made by Wraithnine Customs and the Trench created by MasterCloner. All the realistic figures were made by Marcus Starkiller, except the Roan Fel who was created by Hunter Knight Customs. I'll do a second post for the custom Star Wars action figures later so you can learn more about them and see them all in greater detail.  See if you can spot the Colin Hobbs action figure created by Colins Customs who visited our gift opening festivities Christmas morning while on his World tour.