Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year everyone!  Another year behind us.  Well 2013 wasn't the most productive year we've had at Customs for the Kid.  In 2012, we created 2 vehicles and over 70 action figures.  In 2013, we only made 40 Star Wars custom action figures here at home.  Furthermore, we tackled about only half of the projects we had hoped to take on. That said, we definitely don't see our lack of productivity in a negative light.  

Part way through the year, Dad made a decision to stop creating fan fiction characters and wanted to only create Star Wars characters that never made it to plastic.  As a result, Dad's  action figures took longer than one day to create with sculpting factoring into his projects more than before, but he added molding and casting to his toolbox this year so I'm curious to see how that adds to his repertoire.

Customs for the Kid also hosted our first Star Wars custom action figure contest with RebelForce Radio that promoted the Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit radio drama.  It was a lot of fun and maybe Customs for the Kid will try and do another custom action figure contest in 2014.  

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, Customs for the Kid brought their traveling museum of Star Wars custom action figures to the Star Wars Spectacular event in Woodbridge, NJ.  It was our first ever Star Wars event.  Attendees were treated to an exhibition of Star Wars custom action figures created by talented customizing artists such as: Stronox, Sillof, Luke Sprywalker, Chewie, Wraithnine, Hangarbay94, Peakob1, SithHappens, Omar Rivera, Incom aka Mr. Black's Customs, Lucasclones, Stocos28, JACKOFTRADZE, Darth Daddy, Elias, and more.  Also on display were video tutorials and slideshow videos that are featured on our blog.  While there we had the opportunity to meet up with Star Wars customizers darthstreams and Dave Castle aka StarWarsGeek. The display table stayed pretty packed throughout the day, and brought attention to the blog's online museum of Star Wars custom action figures and the featured artists we help promote. We were really impressed with the crowd turnout, and loved the reaction of all the attendees to what we had on display.

Customs for the Kid also had an opportunity to see some awesome Star Wars custom action figure art created by one of the most talented customizers out there today, Luke Sprywalker. Some of you may know L.E. Spry aka Luke Sprywalker from the Celebration VI "Star Wars Custom Action Figure Panel" that was held in the summer of 2012.  Luke Sprywalker was a speaker at the panel along with Star Wars customizers Sillof and Sith_fire30.  Dad and I had the opportunity to visit Luke Sprywalker's home, affectionately dubbed Sprywalker Ranch while on a trip through North Carolina on our way to visit family. Getting to hold some of my favorite custom action figure art in my own two hands was a real treat.  I thought the photos of his work were cool, seeing them in hand was just mind blowing.

The highlight of this year for me as an artist was creating seven Cantina aliens for my display. Dad said his highlight was finishing the Clone Wars General Pong Krell custom action figure collaboration with Hyperdrive.  

Definitely a year to be proud of.  Here's to making sure 2014 brings some memorable moments as well.  Hope you all enjoy our video of what was made here at home in 2013.

Star Wars Custom Action Figures created by Elias & Darth Daddy 

Our video was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.