Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The first Star Wars movie I saw in the movie theater was The Clone Wars.  I was four years old and only a few months shy of my fifth birthday.  For the next five years I grew up with the Clone Wars television show.  It was a Saturday morning routine that I shared with Dad every week and we both looked forward to it. I was a kid who grew up in the Clone Wars generation of fans.  I was the first generation of kids to get Star Wars in episodic form on a seasonal basis.  It was absolute heaven.  I loved all the dynamic story lines and broad story arcs.  When Disney announced it was winding down The Clone Wars TV show, here at home we were one of the first people out there to sign the petition to keep the show going and to release all the content that they had completed so far.  Even the show's less critically accepted episodes were still extremely enjoyable.  

Dad admits he enjoyed the show even more than the movies and he envies the amount of Star Wars content I grew up with.  He had to wait three years between each release.  Dad was an Original Trilogy kid who saw Star Wars: A New Hope in the theaters when he was just three.

I bought pretty much every Clone Wars action figure that Hasbro ever put out.  Yet, for all the incredibly awesome figures that I am grateful to them for releasing, sadly there are always more characters from the show that you wish were made into action figure form. My desire to customize has been motivated by me wanting to the fill those holes in my collection.  For the last few years Customs for the Kid has received a lot of help from other Star Wars customizers to do just that.  Here at home, we have been hoping that when Toy Fair rolls around next month that Hasbro will be releasing two Battle Packs of unreleased Clone Wars characters to promote the release of the Clone Wars: Lost Missions bonus content we are all anxiously awaiting. I know long shot!

Anyhow, since I'm such a big fan of The Clone Wars custom action figures, I created a Facebook page to display all the cool Clone Wars custom action figure art that is out there.  If you like what you see, follow the page.  If you made some Clone Wars custom action figures yourself, send us your pics so we can give you, your own photo album.   It's a great page to follow if you loved the show as much as us and if like us you want to see the toys that could have been.


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