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Re: Yakfinities #50 - THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY

by YAK_Chewie » Fri Jan 17, 2014 12:00 pm
Time to announce the Grand Prize Winner(s)!

"After a very tough vote, the Yakface Staff could not decide on one single winner. We felt that we had to go with two winners. This was not expected, so we felt it would only be fair to double up on the Grand Prize. So both winners will EACH receive the Droid Factory Wave... and those winners are:

- Cane Adiss by Sjefke
- Ewoks by Darth Daddy

Great work by both of you, and everyone who took part in Yakfinities #50! There were quite a few other entries that had consideration for this too - this was tough! I'm glad that these are usually random prize winners only!

Everyone else... sit tight! In a couple days we'll conclude with the complete Roundup Report, as well as the 3 RANDOM PRIZE WINNERS.

:wink: "
by YAK_Chewie

"Sjefke, if I was one of the judges for this contest you totally would have taken the prize all by yourself and there would be no tie. Your Cane Adiss action figure is my pick for Star Wars custom action figure of the year in 2013! What I wouldn't give to have that action figure! The amount of articulation you added to that figure was admirable, just astounding! You should definitely mold and cast your headsculpts. I really love how you documented your entire process. So much work went into it, and it totally paid off. I tip my hat.

Can't tell you what an honor it is to win the Grand Prize at Yakfinities #50 :shock: ! I'm on CLoud 9 :D This is the first forum I ever started showing my figures in and this win will always hold a lot of sentimental value for me. It was #50! How Cool! So many amazing entries from so many talented artists. Can't wait to see the round up report!

I bet you Remco's happy. He owns the winning pair :wink: 

*Remco - Makes me feel a little less guilty that I was so late getting those Ewoks done now that they were one of the Yakfinities #50 winning figures. Glad I sent you something prize worthy after all that procrastinating."

- Darth Daddy

created by Darth Daddy
photo by Mr. Black's Customs

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