The Customizer Spotlight is a recurring post where I hope to put a spotlight on great Star Wars customizing artists and the customs they have produced that I have in my personal collection. I will also provide ways for our audience to view or acquire future work that these artists may produce.



JACKKOFTRADZE is a professional Toy Designer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years designing real toy products! He has been a very committed 1/18th scale Star Wars collector since 1991! He collected when no one cared about Star Wars and has been with the line ever since. He recently created a blog and as you read his blog you get the unique perspective of a Toy Designer and a Collector. He has been an active eBay member for over 10 years and for over 4 of those years he has been creating custom figures to enhance his collection. He has a lot of cool customs and insights to share that I think you will enjoy.
We only started buying customs in the summer of 2010 and the first three we ever bought were from this great artist. Here are his custom action figures that we own below.


JACKOFTRADZE has awesome paint jobs and great concepts for his super-articulated action figures like this Wookiee Jedi.


Here JACKOFTRADZE demonstrated how by switching and using parts of figures you have laying around the house, you can create a brand new figure that looks better than most figures you can find at your local store.


From what we've seen JACKOFTRADZE makes a lot of his figures with soft goods which is great for using his customs in vehicles.

We really love JACKOFTRADZE Quinlan Vos custom action figure because of the removable soft goods. By creating the action figure in this way, it feels like we have several different figures in one.

Whipid Pirate: Gra Guk


Since our previous Customizer Spotlight on JACKOFTRADZE, we have acquired several more Star Wars custom action figures and we decided to use the slideshow format to showcase them all just so we could save on space. Check out the newest JACKOFTRADZE additions to my collection!


With excellent concepts, paint application with attention to detail, super articulation, and providing soft goods for use of his action figures in vehicles, JACKOFTRADZE customs are second to none and we highly recommend picking them up at his ebay auctions. He posts new customs every Sunday night so keep your eyes open.

We hope you enjoyed our Showcase Spotlight of this great Star Wars customizer and we hope you start to add some of his customs to your collection too. Dad said if it wasn't for JACKOFTRADZE he doesn't think he would have started customizing himself. So I owe a lot to JACKOFTRADZE and that's why he is the first artist we're showcasing in our blog. Hope you enjoyed the post.

Click the graphics below to check out JACKOFTRADZE's blog & his auctions on Ebay.



Hello, and welcome to Customizer Spotlight #2. This time around we are happy to introduce customizer I-AM-BOBA-FETT. I-AM-BOBA-FETT has been making custom figures, ships, accessories, you name it, for almost 20 years. We have seen many variations of Jedi on ebay for sale, but so far I-AM-BOBA-FETT is the only customizer we have seen to tackle the Selkath.

I-AM-BOBA-FETT sculpted the Selkath's head, left hand, and his feet then cast them in resin plastic. The clothing was completely handcrafted. The action figure is a unique piece of Star Wars inspired art. His work is generally made for display with the adult collector in mind, but I have been using him as a diorama filler as well.

"The Selkath were a sentient aquatic species, native to the ocean-covered planet of Manaan.

As an aquatic species, the Selkath were skilled swimmers. They resembled anthropomorphic sting rays and had blue- or green-colored skin, which was patterned for underwater camouflage, and their mouths were bracketed by cephalic lobes. They tended to stroke these during conversation, analogous to the Human habit of stroking facial hair, such as mustaches.

All members of the Selkath race had retractable, venom-tipped claws. Similar to the Wookies, the use of these claws in any form of combat or attack was considered dishonorable and a sign of madness; to do this was to give in to animal instincts unbecoming of a sentient species. "

taken from Wookiepedia at:



Recently added this little guy to my collection too

A long time ago, Star Wars customizer, I-AM-BOBA-FETT, created a cool PLNK Droid that really caught our eyes.  So much so, that we wanted one for our collection.  Originally he made the action figure utilizing two old Vintage Power Droids as his base figure.  When we asked him to make a PLNK Droid for us, we asked if he could use the new Vintage Power Droid from the 3-pack so that our PLNK Droid could have a removable lid.  I-AM-BOBA-FETT did not disappoint. He was even able to provide our custom figure with all the magnetically attached accessories that were included in his original version.  We love the way our PLNK Droid came out!

created by I-AM-BOBA-FETT

Keep your eyes out for I-AM-BOBA-FETT customs for purchase at his ebay store located at:

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You can also check out I-AM-BOBA-FETT customs at his Photobucket account:

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You can also check out I-AM-BOBA-FETT customs at his Facebook page:

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Kevin, or SWK KUSTOMS / kr2700, created two very cool figures in my collection. A Jedi version of me that he sent as a gift for showcasing his work and a Vergere action figure that we bought on Ebay when we first started collecting custom Star Wars action figures. SWK Kustoms started making custom Star Wars figures in 2007. He said his wife Lynn bought him a Han Solo figure as a birthday gift. “You should always get at least one toy on your birthday,” she said.

His own collection started shortly after. He thought about making a battle mock up of 100-200 Jedi and Sith, a scene that he imagined would be in the Clone Wars! The prequels went down a different path however…

Soon he had around 50 custom Jedi & 50 Sith (Jedi spray painted black). A few months later he began to get bored with just doing simple figures, so he started to experiment. He went through a phase where he made a lot of alien Jedi . He also did more interesting Sith Lords. Lynn then suggested that people might be interested in his figures, so he put some on eBay and his new hobby started to generate some interest!

Now four years later & around 300 customs under his belt, SWK Kustoms specializes in fully articulated figures! SWK Kustoms creates fully articulated and detailed Custom 4” figures. Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, Marvel or anything you can think of. With SWK you can also become your favorite character as well: Jedi, Sith, Storm trooper, Mandalorian and much more. Figures can be purchased upon request. Price is based on how hard the piece is to make, usually between $50-150. All figures come with specialized weapons or gear & name plate stands.

Add an SWK action figure to your collection today!

Vergere (pronounced /vɚ'ʒɪɹ/) was a Fosh Jedi Knight in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Almost immediately after she hatched, Vergere was taken under the wing of Jedi Master Thracia Cho Leem, who later instructed her in the ways of the Jedi. In 33 BBY, Vergere was part of a Jedi task force sent to Asmeru by Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum to capture the leaders of the Nebula Front.

According to an account given by Lumiya to Jacen Solo in 40 ABY, Vergere was a rogue student, secretly studying sources outside of approved Jedi doctrine. Lumiya claimed that Vergere's studies of other rogue Jedi, including Count Dooku, had led her to Darth Sidious, and at some point between 32 BBY and 29 BBY, Vergere became a student of the Sith Lord. According to Lumiya, Vergere subsequently attempted to kill Sidious when she discovered the extent of his megalomania, but her murder attempt failed, forcing her to flee from his assassins, accepting a mission from the Jedi Council to Zonama Sekot, where she was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and disappeared in 30 BBY, finding the Yuuzhan Vong on Zonama Sekot and secretly living with them for half a century.

During the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Vergere reappeared and tortured Jacen Solo, wanting to turn him into a future Sith apprentice. She was hunted by the New Republic and hid herself, helping Warmaster Tsavong Lah and other Yuuzhan Vong as well as Solo.

At the climactic Battle of Ebaq 9, she sacrificed herself, killing many Yuuzhan Vong and saving Solo. By 40 ABY, the Sith revealed that Vergere had also, secretly, been one of them. Eventually, Vergere's training helped turn Jacen into Darth Caedus, the Dark Lord of the Sith.

It is possible that her difficulty to be easily categorized as a Jedi or Dark Jedi inspired the retcon that re-classified Vergere as a Sith. As Vergere's final words affirmed that she saw herself as a Jedi, it is possible she saw no difficulty in holding allegiance to both the Jedi and Sith orders simultaneously, that she believed herself to be redeemed by her actions prior to her death, or that she entirely rejected the moral restrictions of both the Jedi and the Sith, a potential view similar to that of Kreia in the distant past. It should also be noted that Vergere appeared as a Force ghost to Jacen Solo shortly after her death, an ability usually manifested by (redeemed) Jedi.

(Taken from Wookiepedia at:

created by SWK Kustoms

kr2700 designed and executed this wonderfully sculpted action figure from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

kr2700 has made a Vergere action figure 8 times already. Email him at and see if you can talk him into making one for you.

With a customized head, soft good skirt, and a borrowed body from Hasbro's Wioslea action figure, his Vergere action figure is top notch.

With a long history like Vergere's, this is an action figure that is capable of providing hours of play time in your Star Wars universe.

Jedi Elias Fulton
created by SWK Kustoms

Now that Star Wars Rebels is in full swing and we have a few of the first episodes behind us, we thought that it would be a good time for our blog to display some Star Wars Rebels custom action figures to add to the excitement building around the show.  SWK Kustoms did a masterful job of adding elbow, knee, wrist, and ankle articulation to the figures from the 3-pack that is available in Toys R' Us without experiencing any of the downfalls associated with paint rub.  The customized lightsaber for Ezra was also handled in an impressive manner.  We especially loved the removable blade on his saber.  Almost all of us complained about the 5 points of articulation in the Rebels line that Hasbro was releasing, so it's nice to know that there are customizers out there providing the articulation that we all desire to give our figures more pose-ability for play.

created by SWK CUSTOMS

created by SWK KUSTOMS

created by SWK KUSTOMS

Another Star Wars Rebels character gets some increased articulation thanks to SWK Kustoms. The figure was well worth the expense of having to make it myself. The joints SWK Kustoms added are seamless and strong. These are very well engineered figures. While, the custom figures that he has made do lack ball jointed shoulders, even I will admit as a seasoned customizer myself, that even I would forgo the modification. It would be more trouble than it was worth. Almost all of us complained about the 5 points of articulation in the Rebels line that Hasbro was releasing, so it's nice to know that there are customizers out there providing the articulation that we all desire to give our figures more pose-ability for play.

With around 300 customs under his belt, SWK Kustoms specializes in fully articulated figures! SWK Kustoms creates fully articulated and detailed Custom 4” figures. Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, Marvel or anything you can think of. With SWK you can also become your favorite character as well: Jedi, Sith, Storm trooper, Mandalorian and much more. Figures can be purchased upon request. Price is based on how hard the piece is to make, usually between $50-150. All figures come with specialized weapons or gear & name plate stands.

created by SWK KUSTOMS

We love the custom flight mask that he made!

Also check out:

by Darth Daddy

We just got the last of the Hasbro released Star Wars Rebels figures that we wanted in more articulated form.  Star Wars customizer, SWK Kustoms, really transformed Hasbro's action figure of Cikatro Vizago by adding ball-jointed elbows, knees, and ankles to their five point articulated figure.  SWK Kustoms even added some swivel wrists as well.  

Here at Customs for the Kid, we had always wondered what this line would have looked like if consumers were able to obtain the superior craftsmanship that was available in The Clone Wars 3 3/4" action figure line, before the quality of the action figures was drastically reduced.  The idea of more articulated Rebels action figures was just dreamy.  Deep down I think many collectors wanted to more articulated figures made and available on store shelves.  Especially if they opened their figures.

Vizago was the fifth Rebels custom action figure we purchased from SWK Kustoms. We really liked how he maintained the Hasbro aesthetic in his customization of his Rebels figures.  The action figures all had extremely durable construction and were manufactured out of ball joints taken from multiple action figures. (It takes the ball joints from several super-articulated action figures to create a custom action figure that was made out of a 5 POA figure.  This means improving the articulation on the action figure can become a very costly enterprise.) 

When we saw SWK Kustoms Rebels figures available for purchase, our immediate response was to buy them right away. The savings we'd receive just in parts and labor alone made purchasing his versions a real bargain.  Because we were already in the process of working on more than six custom Rebels figures of our own and we were using the same technique with the very same style that he was a no brainer.  It was like shopping out half of the work on our project.  We couldn't have been more pleased with out decision.

"CIKATRO VIZAGO" custom action figure 
featuring Increased Articulation 
created by SWK Kustoms

created by SWK KUSTOMS

Visit SWK KUSTOMS on facebook:


Check out his "profile page" on ebay at:



Our latest customizer, Stocos28, is from New Jersey and he specializes in custom 3 3/4" figures for the adult collector. He offers great customs that can be played with. He's huge fan of Star Wars, G.I. Joe and all things 80's. Stocos28 has been an ebay member since July of 2005 offering custom action figures to the ebay community. With a 100% positive feedback score from over 1,350 ebay buyers, we think it's safe to say he puts out exemplary work. We bought a human Jedi named Kentar Framic from Stocos28 a while back that we featured in our Customizer Spotlight and recently added a second custom action figure created by Stocos28 to my collection, Jedi Master Ey' Dee. He'll tell you that he's no Sith_Fire30, but in our opinion he's working real hard at getting there and the results are evident. This talented customizer even offers resin cast sculpts from the customs he makes over at Slayer Design Studios. If you ask us Stocos28 is a customizer to watch.

Kentar Framic
by Stocos28

We love that this figure included a detachable comlink!

The action figures body was taken from the Prince of Persia toy line that customizers have been eager to use for the detailed clothing the action figures offer. The clothing is just perfect to use as Jedi robes.

The Prince of Persia action figures can be found on clearance in toy stores everywhere if you know where to look. We saw a couple of these on clearance in a local Target.

Jedi Master Ey' Dee
by Stocos28 

Stocos28 once again graces our shelves with this wonderful custom 3.75” Fennec Shand action figure from The Mandalorian!  The figure sports a stunning likeness to Ming Na Wen thanks to the talents of Watto’s Scrapyard, and Stocos28’s beautiful paint job.  The figure features soft goods, an alternative head with her helmet, as well as full range of articulation.  Her screen accurate sniper rifle was provided by Aude’s Workshop.

All in all, this is a great figure.  Her sculpt is on point, and her paint is beautiful.  Because she is super articulated, she has all the range of motion you would want in a bounty hunter action figure.  The option to change between her helmet and her head is another feature to appreciate.  Stocos28’s exemplary work never fails to impress us here at Customs for the Kid.  

Be sure to visit his eBay store at to keep up with his latest creations!

"Fennec Shand"
created by Stocos28

You can view the ebay page for Stocos28 and see his items listed for sale at:

You can also email him at:


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #5: Order66Customs/Fritzkreig

Time for yet another edition of Customizer Spotlight. This time around we are featuring the work of Order66Customs, also known as Fritzkrieg. We have several pieces made by this artist and Dad says these are some of his favorites in my collection. Dad likes the diorama fillers with no back story. He says these figures provide a lot of freedom when we play because we don't have to worry about messing with the Star Wars timeline. Just last night Dad came across the work of Order66Customs in the Yakface Forums ( We got to see the action figures shown below posted there before they had been added to my collection. We were shocked when we realized how long ago the figures were made. They were all created in 2007, but we did not acquire them until this year. Anyway enough talk, check out the skills on this artist. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

P.S. - Make sure you check out those forums. His custom vehicles are over the top. Wish I had some in my collection.

by Order66Customs

Love the paint job on the helmet.

by Order66Customs

We had so much fun with this action figure that he took up an entire days worth of playing.

Still having fun with him.

by Order66Customs

Chukarr Karott
Seduced by the technology of the outlanders, as well as their drink. Chukarr veiws the old ways as foolish and craves the power that the outlanders possess. He secretly plots to take control of the five clans. He has been hoarding a cache of outlander weaponry, buying his time for just the right moment. 

by Order66Customs

Twi'lek Pirate

Nautolan Pirate

You can find Order66Customs action figures here:



Below are two custom action figures from my collection made by jimjedi3002. He is today's Customizer's Spotlight. The heads on these action figures are too loose for play, but they are both great for creating photo novels.

by jimjedi3002

The Mara Jade is highly pose-able.

A very simple custom, but a big payoff for the effort.


Ozzik Sturn was a Human male Imperial captain and big game hunter. Using family connections, Sturn rose through the ranks of the military. When assigned to various worlds, he would spend time hunting native creatures, taking their heads as trophies. Sturn desperately wished for an opportunity to hunt a fugitive Jedi during the Great Jedi Purge. He did not get his wish, however, as he was installed as Chief Magistrate on the Mid Rim world Malastare.

No longer satisfied with hunting animals, Sturn had sentient prisoners released into a private hunting reserve, in which he would hunt them down. This outraged Malastare's native Dugs and Grans, so the captain was transferred to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk and tasked with overseeing the construction of a large skyhook in orbit by Wookiee slaves. There, he would hunt the native Wookiees, going so far as to wear their pelts as part of his uniform. He even had a private trophy room to display the severed heads of animals he had killed.

In 2 BBY, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan arrived on Kashyyyk as part of a trap set by Emperor Palpatine to prevent her father, Senator Bail Organa, from rebelling against the Empire. Should Senator Organa rebel, Sturn promised Leia that she would die in a Wookiee uprising. Jedi Master Rahm Kota, an ally of Senator Organa's who had led a brief rebellion against the Empire months earlier, learned of Leia's situation and tasked Galen Marek—"Starkiller," the secret apprentice of Darth Vader—with rescuing her from Kashyyyk. Leia then, in turn, tasked Marek with destroying the skyhook, and so Sturn finally saw his chance to hunt the man he assumed to be a Jedi. While Starkiller was busy removing the tractor pins that anchored the skyhook to the planet's surface, Sturn entered his personal AT-KT and attempted to kill him. Starkiller destroyed his AT-KT and killed the captain instead, just before destroying the skyhook itself.

by jimjedi3002 

Love the Wookie pelt.

You can view his ebay auctions at:

or view his ebay profile page at:



Season 3 of the Clone Wars TV series has just started and Deimos Customs just created the action figure of the newest Star Wars character that all fans are dying to see ... Savage Opress. This is a very well made figure and our Savage Opress action figure's already leading the Separatist army across our living room floor.

Savage Opress was a Zabrak warrior who was recruited by Count Dooku during the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, Dooku met an intermediary, the Dathomiri witch Talsain, who introduced him to Opress. The warrior was said to be related to Zabrak Sith Lord Darth Maul.

by Deimos Customs 

You can view his ebay auctions at:

or view his ebay profile page at:

You can also email him directly at:

You can also add him as a friend on Facebook here:



Welcome again to Customizer Spotlight. We've gotten a lot of buzz from our readers about our latest artist and his awesome droid creation since we listed our Coming Soon post. Pack Rat Studios is a studio that specializes in Developing, Building and Painting Custom Action Figures. Most of their works are put up on ebay for Auction. Also, Pack Rat Studio deals in Vintage or Current Action Figures and Collectibles.

by Pack Rat Studios

At home we also call him Goliath.


He has fully pose-able arms, elbows, fingers and thumbs.

by Pack Rat Studios

Originally we bought her on ebay under the listing of "Female Bounty Hunter" but she has since been incorporated into our band of pirates. She is always seen with her trusty droid R2-Bertie.

You can check out their blog by clicking the blog links on our page or by going to:

You can view the ebay seller page for Pack Rat Studios at:

You can contact Pack Rat Studios at:



Hello again and welcome once more to another edition of Customizer Spotlight. This time around, we are showcasing a custom Juno Eclipse action figure made by Insidious Customs. Eric LeFeber is a professional toy designer, game designer and marketer with over 13 years in the entertainment industry. When he's not creating new products for the top toy and game companies, he makes them for himself. He also has items for sale at his Etsy shop or on ebay auctions which we have posted at the links below. If you have something special in mind, you can even contact him for a commission. 

Juno Eclipse 

Juno Eclipse was a Human female who served the Galactic Empire as an Imperial officer and pilot during the Great Jedi Purge. Her exceptional skills in leadership and combat were noticed by several high-ranking officials in the Imperial Military, including the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Rising through ranks in record time, Captain Eclipse was personally chosen by Vader to lead his Black Eight Squadron. Although she initially considered service under Emperor Palpatine's right-hand man to be the highlight of her career, her role in the Bombing of Callos caused her to doubt some of the Empire's policies.

Although her beliefs wavered due to the mass genocide and complete sterilization that rendered Callos uninhabitable, Captain Eclipse was unwilling to abandon her allegiance to the Empire, nor her hard-earned position under Darth Vader's command. However, Vader came to the conclusion that Eclipse lacked a certain quality in ruthlessness that he found necessary in those who served him. As a consequence, he reassigned her to a highly confidential detail. Hence, in 3 BBY, Eclipse became the latest pilot of the Rogue Shadow, a stealth vessel that was piloted by several individuals in turn. The purpose of her top secret assignment was to transport Darth Vader's agent to wherever his missions required him to go. During that time, she was unaware that the mysterious young man was Vader's secret apprentice, codenamed "Starkiller."

Although she learned that Starkiller was a Force-sensitive assassin, who was tasked with hunting down the last of the Jedi, her attempts to learn any personal information about him were met with failure. Upon inadvertently discovering Vader's plot to kill Emperor Palpatine with Starkiller's aid, Eclipse's loyalties became divided between her Emperor and immediate superior. Nevertheless, she continued to carry out her orders to the letter, and took great care to not allow the apprentice to learn of her accidental discovery. But when Vader unexpectedly betrayed his disciple at the behest of the Emperor, the Dark Lord branded Captain Eclipse as a traitor due to her association with Starkiller. Stripped of her rank and all that she worked hard to gain, Eclipse was imprisoned on the Empirical.

Six months later, Juno Eclipse was freed by Starkiller, whose apparent death was faked by Darth Vader in order to continue their assassination plot against Palpatine. Eclipse, forced into the life of a fugitive, reluctantly renounced her allegiance to the Galactic Empire and joined with Starkiller on his mission to create the Rebel Alliance. However, she was unaware of the fact that the apprentice remained loyal to his master; nor did she realize that the Rebellion's purpose was to distract the Emperor's attention in order to create a new opportunity to kill him.

During their adventures, Eclipse and Starkiller gradually developed a rapport that eventually turned into love. When Vader betrayed the apprentice for a second time, Starkiller denounced the Sith and embraced his Jedi heritage. By that time, Eclipse learned that the apprentice's birth name was "Galen Marek." However, their relationship was brought to an untimely end when Marek perished in battle against Emperor Palpatine by sacrificing his own life in order to save the founders of the Rebel Alliance.

Shortly after Marek's death, Eclipse witnessed the official founding of the Alliance to Restore the Republic on Kashyyyk. She chose to honor the fallen apprentice's legacy by joining the Alliance Fleet as one of its first officers. Less than a year later, Juno Eclipse was commissioned as the captain of the Rebel flagship, the Salvation.

Although Insidious Customs loved the Toys R Us exclusive box sets of figures, he still felt that Hasbro didn't get Juno Eclipse right. So in anticipation of The Force Unleashed 2 video game being released later this month, he created another Juno Eclipse and this time she's even better.

by Insidious Customs

He used the new box set version of Juno as a base, replaced her long sleeved arms with custom sculpted shorter sleeve arms, sculpted that disheveled hairdo she had when she kissed the Starkiller for the first/last time, and then repainted the whole figure.

Read Insidious Customs own review of this action figure at his blog located here:

You can view his ebay profile page here:

To see his current auctions listed on ebay click here:

To see what he has available for sale on his Etsy page click here:

If you are interested in having a commission piece made you can reach him by email at:


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #10:starwarsgeek171

Hello everyone. Yes, I know it has been a while since we have posted one of these. We have been waiting for responses from customizers for some of the action figures we are still waiting to post, but today I am happy to present starwarsgeek171 and his Tantive IV Co-Pilot.

starwarsgeek171 has been a seller on ebay since 2004. His Tantive IV Co-Pilot looks great next to my Jeremoch Colton action figure. Together I have them both flying my vintage Rebel Fleet Transport Ship.

by starwarsgeek171

You can see the profile page of starwarsgeek171 here:

You can buy starwarsgeek171 customs at his ebay page located here:


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #11: darthjohnboystoys

Hello everyone. So happy we can showcase another Customizer's Spotlight for you all. We just received a response from customizer darthjohnboystoys and got the go ahead to post a really fun custom, darthjohnboystoys Zombie Stormtrooper.

darthjohnboystoys has been a seller on ebay since 2004 and playing with his Zombie Stormtrooper just makes me want to go and customize a small zombie stormtrooper army.

by darthjohnboystoys

You can see the profile page of darthjohnboystoys here:

You can buy darthjohnboystoys customs at his ebay page located here:

Background image created by Star Wars artist Joe Hogan. You can see more of his great Star Wars art at his blog located at:

and at Joe Hogan's webpage located here:

and here:

Straight out of Joe Schreiber's "Death Troopers"



Can't tell you how happy we are to present you with another edition of our Customizer Spotlight. Justin Cook, who is also known in the Yakface Forums as Yak_Chewie is by far one of the most talented and creative customizers out there. Anyone looking for inspiration for a custom action figure or an action figure recipe needs to look no further, Yak_Chewie has more recipes than a cookbook. His great body of work has already landed him a spot on our "Customs I Wish I Owned" page and if you watch the video we posted of his customs you'll immediately see that his body of work is something special.

Yak_Chewie is an administrator over at Yakface Forums and he oversees the custom creations part of the forum. He is also the creator of "The Enloe Chronicles" which is probably known to be one of the most famous Star Wars photonovels there is.

We recently mentioned on our blog that we participated this year in Yakface's Secret Santa and showed you the Zombie Jedi gift that we sent out to Mungo Baobab. Well, I can't express how happy we were when we received our yellow plastic bubble mailer and saw the name J. Cook in the upper left hand corner of the package. We were even more excited when we could feel not one but two action figures inside the package. Below is a quick video showing the joy a great customizing activity can bring when you participate in one of the community projects you can find located at a customizing forum.

Yak_Chewie sent us these two incredibly awesome action figures for Christmas:

by Yak_Chewie

We love the color scheme that was used on the sleeves and robes. It really brought out the potential for customizing the Starkiller action figure.

by Yak_Chewie

If you watch the video for Yak_Chewie in our "Customs I Wish I Owned" page, this figure you will find. Yes... I realize I just talked like Yoda.

For the last three years now, Dad participated in's Secret Santa event. This year, Dad was assigned Star Wars customizer Justin Cook aka Chewie as the recipient of his holiday custom creations. Chewie had us our first year participating in the event and he was kind enough to send us two custom action figures rather than just the single required figure the event promoted.

Dad wanted to return the favor when he participated in this year's event. Dad thought Justin would appreciate two unique Star Wars zombies.  Off went the figures and we awaited to see who our Secret Santa would be.  Dad was floored when he saw who our Secret Santa was...and even further blown away when he saw what was inside the package that was sent.  Chewie was our Secret Santa and he had sent us three Star Wars custom action figures.  He also sent us Dad's favorite figure of his, Kelos!  Also included in the package was an Utai Traveler and one cool looking Weequay.  The paint apps on the Utai really excentuated the sculpt of the figure.  The Weequay's paint had beautiful contrasts and masterful use of paint washes.  The gift was so generous.  Thank so much, Justin.  Dad's going to be sporting a permagrin for months

created by CHEWIE

created by Chewie

created by CHEWIE

created by CHEWIE


 Abyssin & Vurk Zombies
 created by Darth Daddy

These are links to see more of Chewie's work: 

Yakface Forums
(great place to find action figure recipes) 

The Custom Alliance

The Photonovel Alliance (The Enloe Chronicles)
(for a good read...)

Customs I Wish I Owned

Click the link below to see other Secret Santa figures posted on the Yak_face Forums this year:



We saw the "Mandalorian Renegade Traveler" created by Parasite Collectibles on Ebay recently and we really liked the paint scheme and parts mix. Once we saw the opening helmet and the blue sunken eyes underneath, we knew we wanted to bid on him. Thankfully, we were also the winning bidders on the item and this figure now rests among my other cool custom action figures.

Wayne J. Bunce Jr. (a.k.a. Parasite Collectibles) has unique designs, mixing parts from different toy lines to create his custom action figures. Wayne says he prefers making Mandalorians over Jedi or any other Star Wars character and says he is constantly striving to improve his skills so he can sell a better product.

Mandalorian Renegade Traveler
by Parasite Collectibles

PARASITE COLLECTIBLES custom action figures can be viewed at:

You can e

Or just visit his ebay page at:



Wraithnine is a 40 year old customizer from the southeast coast of Essex, UK who has been customizing Star Wars figures and vehicles for about 3 1/2 years now. He mainly creates custom action figures of astromechs and clone troopers, but along with the astromech we purchased, we were able to obtain some awesome looking Mandalorians that he recently created too. Wraithnine not only spends his time customizing, he also reviews Star Wars products on Youtube under the name Rasputin37. Wraithnine is currently a moderator on and has been a die hard Star Wars fan since '77 . When we saw these figures for sale on Imperial Shipyards, we knew we wanted to add them to our collection.

by Wraithnine

Wraithnine is well known for his custom astromechs and it isn't hard to see why.

We love Wraithnine's use of water slide decals to enhance his custom action figures. He did a great job using water slide decals on the head of this astromech.

R7-A4 was turned into a trading card by Kessel Run Imports.

by Wraithnine

These Mandos are awesome. Great paint applications and again masterful use of the water slide decals.

by Wraithnine

It's cool to see how Wraithnine used the Pre Vizsla action figure to create two totally unique action figures.

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
Kel Sha'rak
by Wraithnine

See these action figures that we own in Episode 7 of the Kessel Run Review.

These next two droids were both created by Star Wars action figure customizer Wraithnine.  When Dad heard that Wraithnine was selling the R2-C2 that he created, Dad thought it would be cool if we gave him a home next to the Ziro the Hutt that he created.  Dad bought him right away as a birthday present for my ninth birthday back in October. 

What's even cooler was that Wraithnine sent me a R2-T8 astromech as a birthday gift from him.  Thanks so much Jay! That was very generous of you.  The droid is a shining example of why you are the astromech king! I love seeing Ziro and R2-C2 next to each other.  Your droids make my room seem magical.

 "Ziro's Droid R2-C2"
created by Wraithnine

Ziro the Hutt created by Darth Daddy

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithine Customs

created by Wraithnine 

So I have added D-Squad to my collection thanks to the "Astromech King". Yes, Star Wars customizer Wraithnine recently created the five-member droid squad formed by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, that consisted of QT-KT, U9-C4, R2-D2, M5-BZ, and Corporal WAC-47. Led by Colonel Meebur Gascon, D-Squad was sent to steal an encryption module from a Providence-class carrier/destroyer. This fun group appeared on Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the following episodes: "Secret Weapons", "A Sunny Day in the Void", "Missing in Action" and "Point of No Return". These episodes were a lot of fun to watch. These figures are really special to me because I was interviewed on the Voice of the Republic podcast with Dad the same night voice actor Ben Drisdin (WAC-47) was interviewed and I got to talk with Ben that night.  WAC-47 was my favorite character from those episodes and it's really cool that I was able to add this whole set of droids to my collection.

& Colonel Meebur Gascon
created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

Star Wars customizer Wraithnine's 501st troopers: (from left to right) Dogma, Hardcase, Jesse, Tup,  and Kix.

created by WRAITHNINE

Wraithnine Customs on Facebook:

You can see more custom action figures from Wraithnine here on Imperial Shipyards:

Wraithnine has a channel on Youtube under the name of Rasputin37 that you can find here:

He posts as Wraithnine on here:



The latest customizer we'd like to introduce you all to is Omar Rivera from Puerto Rico. When this husband and father of two isn't busy making his awesome Star Wars action figures, he works as an art and history teacher and as a pastor as well. Dad first saw his customs on ebay when Omar had three stunning Padme Amidala action figures that were just incredible to set eyes upon. We didn't have any money at the time, so somebody else won the figures and let's just say that the somebody who is out there is one lucky individual. Fortunately, the following week we did have money when Omar posted new figures up on ebay and they were really cool ones that one wouldn't want to pass up on. Omar openly states that customizing action figures is one of his passions and his passion is definitely visible in his work. Omar told us that he has created over 100 customs to date. So here are the three Star Wars custom action figures created by Star Wars customizer, Omar Rivera that you can find in my collection. Enjoy!

Khaleen Hentz
by Omar Rivera

Khaleen Hentz was once a Separatist agent sent by Count Dooku to spy on Quinlan Vos, as a mole in his spy network. She later turned to the Galactic Republic and became the wife of Vos and the mother of his child.

K'Kruhk "Dark Times"
created by Omar Rivera

K'Kruhk was a male WhiphidJedi who lived from around the end of the Galactic Republic to the time of the One Sith and the Second Imperial Civil War. The apprentice of Lilit Twoseas, K'Kruhk survived his Master's death during the Yinchorri Uprising and went on to serve with distinction in the Clone Wars. A disastrous loss of life at Teyr led K'Kruhk to question his cause, and he joined a dissident movement on Ruul. Betrayal by one of his own, however, caused him to reaffirm his absolute loyalty to the Republic and the Jedi High Council, and he would go on to serve on Saleucami in the final weeks of the Outer Rim Sieges.

Despite countless brushes with death, K'Kruhk survived both the Clone Wars and the Great Jedi Purge, living to see the demise of the Galactic Empire and the return of the Jedi, albeit while in hiding from the agents of Darth Vader. Only when Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order was well-established and the last elements of Palpatine's Empire destroyed did the Whiphid finally emerge from hiding.

Some period after the Yuuzhan Vong War, K'Kruhk joined the New Jedi Order and was still active even past the rise of Darth Krayt, serving as a member of the Jedi High Council, and taking a leading role in the Jedi resistance to the ascendantSith. K'Kruhk's efforts were integral in forging an alliance between the Jedi, the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the Fel Empire. With the death of T'ra SaaatTaivas, K'Kruhk became the oldest and most experienced of the surviving Jedi, and participated in the alliance's final assault on the Sith-held Coruscant.

Following the deaths of Darth Krayt and Roan Fel, K'Kruhk became one of the three Triumvirs of the restored Galactic Alliance.

Thisspiasian Jedi
created by Omar Rivera

Queen Neeyutnee

Queen Neeyutnee was a Humanfemalepolitician who ruled as the Monarch of Naboo during the tumultuous time of the Clone Wars. Elected in 21 BBY as the successor to Queen Jamillia, the very young but mature Neeyutnee harbored no illusions about the war and met problems with appropriate action. She became closely involved with the Naboo Royal Advisory Council, the Royal Security Forces, and BossRugor Nass of the Gungans, ensuring that her peaceful homeworld remained relatively unharmed by the war. Not long after ascending to the throne, Neeyutnee was faced with a subtle Trade Federationincursion when a Separatistbattle droid patrol was found in Naboo's grasslands. She worked swiftly with CaptainGregar Typho and SenatorPadmé Amidala to uncover the nature of the threat, and Amidala's investigations resulted in the discovery and eradication of a secret Separatist laboratory that had been recreating the Blue Shadow Virus on their world.

When the Confederacy later sowed Gungan–Naboo tensions in an effort to invade Naboo, Neeyutnee again worked with Amidala and RepresentativeJar Jar Binks to avert the threat of invasion to their homeworld. Thanks to their combined efforts, the Confederate GeneralGrievous was forced to recall his battle droid army from Naboo, and Binks also restored the Gungans' alliance with Neeyutnee's regime. She later oversaw the Festival of Light in celebration of the 857th anniversary of Naboo's union with the Republic. Neeyutnee only served one term before stepping down as Naboo's monarch, and, by 19 BBY, she had been succeeded by Queen Apailana.

 Queen Neeyutnee
by Omar Rivera

To go to Omar Rivera's ebay store click below:



Yesterday was my birthday, and Dad knows how much I love the custom action figures created by Peakob1 (peek-O-B-One). You couldn't imagine my surprise when I opened up my birthday present and it was a box full of Peakob1 action figures. Especially when they were action figures I used to only dream to one day own. I created a video of my new birthday presents that showcase the figures with pictures that were taken by Peakob1. Thanks Chad for making it possible.

Chad Peak (aka: Peakob1 or CAP) has been a Star Wars fan all his life. He makes customs for the love of the hobby and you won't find a more dedicated fan. He hopes one day that he can have an entire custom collection simply because it is personalized to hi
m and he never seeks financial gain by doing his customs, although he has done a few commissions at reasonable prices. He started customizing in '95. He doesn't count some of the vintage Ewoks that he colored over with black and brown markers as a kid.

He refers to his style of customizing as "hard sculpting" opposed to using sculpy to mold his own figures. He uses bits of existing parts and dremels those down to make a new result. He believes that it makes for a much stronger figure because he's a little like Jar Jar, "hesa clumsy" and often drops figures. Usually they don't break if he builds them properly. He finds customizing very exciting and he has many projects on the horizon.

Hope you enjoy the Peakob1 customs from my collection!

He displays his customs on Yakface, Imperial Shipyards, Droids and Ewoks and Jedi Defender.


My Peakob1 video was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

Hondo Ohnaka's Pirate Gang 

A project started when Dad bought a Gwarm custom action figure from customizer Peakob1 for my collection .  After Hasbro released Hondo Ohnaka without any of his Weequay pirates, Dad toyed with the idea of creating Hondo's pirate gang. When Dad saw that his friend Star Wars customizer, Peakob1 had started to create some of the characters he was hoping to make, Dad commissioned his help in getting the project done.  Peakob1 is well known in the customizing community for his Clone Wars custom action figures and throughout the past year we formed a really good friendship.

The two of them chatted about the Wars, figured out who was going to create what, and Dad got off the phone.  Then Dad grabbed some parts that he bought a while back off of a shelf in the corner of our kitchen, and he started to create two pirates of his own.  It was such a fun project.  It was the first time Dad worked on a project with another customizer other than me and he said it was an awesome experience.  The figures are just incredible! I only wish Hasbro would create them so all of you could have them too.  Dad said that this project will definitely go down as one of his favorites even if it did take forever to get group shots done.

"Dagu Flask, Turk Falso, Barb Mentir, Gwarm and Pikk Mukmuk"
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

All other pirates created by "Customs for the Kid"

All other pirates created by "Customs for the Kid"


The Hondo Ohnaka Pirate Gang created by Peakob1 and Darth Daddy was featured in the Customizer Spotlight over at

The Hondo Ohnaka Pirate Gang group photo of Peakob1's and Darth Daddy's customs was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Peakob1's three pirates were featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

"DROIDS" action figures
created by Peakob1

I picked up two of these action figures pictured below in an eBay auction and the other two I got directly from the source. Peakob1 had recently updated his Mungo Baobab action figure and sold us his original when Dad commissioned Peakob1 to make us a Jord Dusat to go with the Thall Joben and Kea Moll we won in the auction. I'm really happy that I have some custom action figures from the Droids cartoon now too. Especially ones that fit in so well with the rest of my collection. 

created by Peakob1

"Thall Joben, Jord Dusat & Kea Moll"
created by Peakob1

"Jann Tosh"
created by Peakob1

"Peppi Bow" custom action figure 
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations 


Although I already have a lot of customs by Star Wars customizer Peakob1 (peek-O-B-One), when he asked me if I wanted his latest creation, I jumped at the chance to pick up this incredibly cool Undead Nightsister that he created.  The detail in the sculpting and the paint applications are just truly amazing.  I can't wait to get the Target 3-pack that should be hitting stores soon so I can get a proper Dathomir set up going.  Look out Grievous!

"Undead Nightsister"
by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

All other Nightsister action figures created by "Customs for the Kid"

The world Dathomir holds many dark secrets -- such as ancient incantations that could raise the dead. When the planet was attacked by the Separatists during the Clone Wars, the most ancient and knowledgeable of the Nightsister clan used her power to stir the bodies of the Nightsisters graveyard. From preserved cocoons built to resemble the trees of Dathomir emerged mummified warriors. The shrieking zombies mindlessly attacked their enemies, swarming over battle droids in droves.

Peakob1's Undead Nightsister was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Peakob1 has already added so many wonderful action figures to my collection and believe me there are still more to come.  The latest two custom action figure is an updated look for a character as he appeared later in Season 5.

While Hasbro does have plans to release a version of this Sith character, they plan on releasing him in a realistic sculpt featuring only 5 points of articulation figure that upon viewing the prototype we just weren't very impressed with.  Compared to Peakob1's version, it doesn't hold up.  Peakob1's creation is a version of Darth Maul that I wish everyone had a chance to obtain and I couldn't be happier to be the one to have this figure in my collection.  It is the epitome of a missed opportunity by Hasbro.

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Savage Opress & Maul Mandos" created by Darth Daddy of "Customs for the Kid"

"Jakoli, Sixtat, Sinrich, Mantu, Derrown & Cad Bane"
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Cuom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Ione Marcy" created by Darth Daddy

A few years ago I featured a Cut Lawquane custom action figure created by Peakob1. The character was always our favorite clone trooper from the Clone Wars series.  When Peakob1 recently made a Suu Lawquane custom action figure, I knew I wanted to add it to my collection.  She features a 100% sculpt by Peakob1, who has created some of the coolest Clone Wars custom action figures out there.

"Cut, Suu, Jek & Shaeeah Lawquane"
created by Peakob1 Custom Creations

One of the coolest surprise gifts came form Star Wars customizer Peak-OB1 who sent me a Shaeeah Lawquane custom action figure to complete the Lawquane family for my Clone Wars collection.

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Sai' Torr Kal Fas"
created by created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Dr. Nuvo Vindi"
created by created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Sy Snootles"
created by Peak-OB1

"Ziro the Hutt" created by Darth Daddy

"Gregor - The Dishwasher & WAC-47"
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"D-Squad" created by Wraithnine (except for WAC-47 created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations)

"Clone Commander Gregor & WAC-47"
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"D-Squad" created by Wraithnine (except for WAC-47)

"WAC-47" created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Rafa & Trace Martez" custom action figures
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

Peakob1 on Facebook:

Peakob1 on

Peakob1 on Droids & Ewoks:

Peakob1 on Jedi Defender:

To go to the ebay page of Peakob1 click below:



Ever since we started creating custom Star Wars action figures, we have been participating in the Secret Santa exchange that is held every year over at Not only is it a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas, but it is also a great way for customizers to acquire each others works of art. This year our Secret Santa was none other than talented customizer Darth Phantom from Germany and he sent us some super cool action figures this year.

So what's the deal with this event, and how does it work?

Well if you wanted to get involved, you must have been a registered forum member prior to September 1, 2011 to be eligible. They do not want to risk anyone signing up for this just to get a free custom from another forum member and not fulfill their end of the deal. In early October, 2011 we were contacted via email with the information of another Yakface forum member who was also participating. Then we made a custom figure for that person and mailed it to them in time for Christmas. The deadline to sign up was 11:59 AM CST, on October 1, 2011. So obviously the ship has sailed if you wanted to get involved, but hopefully this post will be an incentive for you all to become forum members if you aren't already so you all can participate next year.

created by

Our favorite in the bunch is this Jedi created by Darth Phantom.

His beard reminded us a lot of Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth.

This Hoth Han Solo created by Darth Phantom is super cool.

I love the knife attached to right arm of this 501st Clone trooper created by Darth Phantom.

He'll fit in great with my army of 501st troopers.




This summer, Sillof ran out of room in his workshop and was looking to sell some of his custom action figures. I have always been a huge fan of his work, so when I found out that I actually had a chance to own one of his action figures I jumped at the chance. I loved Sillof's various renditions of Chewbacca, and I was really happy when I was able to acquire his 1st Lt. Chuck Backer from his World War line of figures. It's the only 6" custom action figure that I own, but I totally love it. It's one of my favorite pieces.

created by Sillof

This 6" custom action figure created by Sillof can now be found in my personal collection.

1st Lt. Chuck Backer was created in 2008 and was featured in Sillof's Star Wars 1942 line.

Sillof is pronouced "Si" (like Psi or Sci-fi ) and "llof" (like cough or pilaf) and no it is not his real name. He's a high school history and film teacher. He has no formal art training, other then art classes in middle school. If something turns out good, he says it is just from years of practice, or luck. He started building custom figures and dioramas when he was a kid. He opened a website in 1999. It was then called "The Wookie's Workshop" and "The Wook's Workshop". before he had his current website

His work has been featured online on blogs, websites, and online news services, newspapers at the local, national and international levels, in books and magazines nationally and world wide. His customs have even been featured on television in local news, national news, cable, and overseas, in independent films as props, costumes, and set designs. His action figures have been publicly displayed at contests, fairs, & conventions including 3 of the 4 Star Wars Celebrations. Most recently his work has been seen in Toyfare and Star Wars Insider Magazines.

Unlike other customizers, Sillof has gotten away from faithfully creating characters and has begun to redesign these figures in various time periods or aesthetics. He creates these works out of admiration for their original designs, but rather than just recreate another person's work he enjoys putting his own spin on classic characters, as well as creating his own new characters. This is all just the creations of his spare time. He starts with a general concept or direction (samurai for example) Then he brainstorms what he wants. This is mostly done in his brain. Then he makes a list of adjectives and descriptions of the character, maybe a little back story and the physical elements he wants to include in the figure.

He then begins the actual construction. He usually works on all of them at once. So while the glue or paint is drying on one he works on another. Some parts of the figures are recycled from existing toys. They are cut off and glued together. Sometimes he sculpts over the old toy parts. Sometimes he dremels down the part using it more as an armature and sculpts over it. Often times, he will sculpt an entire new piece. Some of the figures are completely built from scratch. It really just depends on what he wants, needs, and what he has on hand in his various drawers of parts.

He sculpts using a 2 part epoxy polymer sculpting compound called Apoxie by Aves Studios. You mix 2 parts together and then in few hours it is hard a rock. It is not as easy to work with as sculpey but more then makes up for it with it's durability. Sillof says it gets easier to work with practice.

You can see more custom action figures created by Sillof here:

We also recommend checking out his "Toy Wars" film series where he brings his action figures and dioramas to life at this link here:

Our CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT post was featured on Ed Johnson Presents: NERD NEWS.



Luke Sprywalker hails from another father and son customizing team. He has been displaying his custom action figures since 2008 and has created some really noteworthy action figures.

You need to check out the video Dad created of his action figures in our "Customs I Wish I Owned" page.

He is one of the first friends we made when we began our custom action figure hobby and his work is always an inspiration around the house.

Success in customizing sometimes relies on the artist having the right part for the job. We received this droid as a thank you from Luke Sprywalker when we sent him some much needed parts that he was looking for to complete a build. I was really excited when I got this custom in the mail, because I love droids and it was created by one of my all-time favorite artists.

created by Luke Sprywalker

Here is the Mandalorian I received from L.E. Spry aka Luke Spywalker as my Imperial Shipyards Secret Santa gift featuring a new bucket mash up, custom rifle so he can shoulder it, a soft goods strap, removable armor, greeblied out kama and fully weathered as if he lives for a good sand storm. Spywalker also made me a small dio/stand combo in his wonderful trash to treasure style.   A really incredibly cool Secret Santa gift.  When it comes to custom action figures, they don't get any better than this.  Believe me, I've seen  a lot of customs.

created by Luke Sprywalker

The head is a mash-up of the newest TFU trooper helmet that was cast by Clonehead and a Jango Fett faceplate from SithHappens.




Click the links below to check out Luke Sprywalker's latest customs:



Rundown Customs....aka ric.sea.jedi....aka Sean....started on ebay buying and selling vintage Star Wars when he came across some custom Star Wars figures and became interested in what he saw. He watched many customizers for a long time and began his research. Finally, he picked up a paintbrush in 2007. Since then Sean has made over 300 custom action figures. More than 200 of which have been private commissions. Rundown says that he truly enjoys the hobby and enjoys requests as well duplicating characters not yet made in toy form.

Mandalorian Female
by Rundown

To buy custom action figures created by Rundown visit his ebay page where you can also contact him about commission work.

To see more customs created by Rundown you can visit his forum thread over at Imperial Shipyards.



It's been a long time since we did one of these posts, but it wasn't for a lack of wanting to. Truth is the archives were deleted due to an interface change on Blogger. We hit the edit button to update the archives and it was gone with a hit of the button. So after a month of rebuilding the archives, we have an update. BL4CK5H33P is a newcomer to the forums, but his customs look like the work of a veteran. When we saw a few of his customs for sale, we jumped at the chance to purchase two of our favorite pieces of his. These figures look great and we recommend checking out his forum thread and sales thread to see if anything calls out to you. This customizer will be one to watch.

by BL4CK5H33P

 Dathomiri/Human Hybrid Nightbrother
 by BL4CK5H33P


BL4CK5H33P's Custom Thread:

 BL4CK5H33P's Sales Thread:



On Saturday, when Dad ran down to the mailbox, he came back into the house with a gift from one of my all-time favorite customizers, Stronox. When Dad first started customizing, one of the first friends that he made in the community was Stronox, who has some of the best customs in the Star Wars galaxy. If you ask anyone who frequents the customizing forums who their top ten favorite customizers are, I bet you Stronox would be on everybody's lists.  His paint applications are out of this world and his attention to detail is second to none.  He started off creating toys for his son and this later led to a lot of commission work from fans. Lately he has taken a break from commissions to work on more personal projects, so anyone that has a toy created by Stronox is extremely lucky to have one.  When he first started creating customs, his work was predominantly Star Wars characters, but his most recent work features more G.I. Joe, popular super heroes, and a customizer line called Desolation.

I was always a huge fan of Stronox's version of Vilmarh Grahrk, so getting a Villie created by him was about as cool as it gets.  Thanks so much Rob!  He's awesome!

Vilmarh Grahrk
by Stronox

You can get to the blog for Stronox by clicking the link below:

 You can see more Stronox by clicking the link below:

Go to his ebay sales page:



When Incom isn't working in business services, this customizer hailing from Hengelo, Netherlands is busy making some of the sweetest customs you'll ever come across.  His "Weequay Swoop Bike Racer" is one of our all-time favorite Star Wars customs.  When we saw that he was offering it for sale on Action Figure Customs Marketplace, Dad bought it right away for my birthday.   The bike and figure are just pure eye candy, from the detailed paint work to the super cool Aurebesh water slide decals, we just love it.  We always wanted a Star Wars custom action figure from this artist, but we never thought in a million years that our favorite piece of his would one day end up in my collection.

Weequay Swoop Bike Racer
created by Incom


Click any of the links below for more customs from Incom:



Usually we have a lot to say about the customizers featured in our "Customizer Spotlight" feauture, but this customizer is more of a mystery.  We sent an email out to try and get some more information about Mastercloner, but we are still waiting for a response.  If we get one, we will update this post and fill you all in.  So here is what we do know.  Mastercloner is a Star Wars customizer on ebay and has been a seller there since 2005.  He is from the United States, and he makes really cool customs.  We bought this custom before summer began and we have been waiting to feature it ever since.

Darth Krayt, born A'Sharad Hett, was a Humanmale who served as a Jedi Master in the waning days of the Galactic Republic. The son of legendary Jedi KnightSharad Hett, he eventually became the Padawan of Jedi Masters Ki-Adi-Mundi, and later, An'ya Kuro. When he was only a teen, Sharad Hett was murdered by the Jedi assassin Aurra Sing, who was later defeated in a duel by a young A'Sharad Hett. During the Clone Wars, he served the Republic as a General and established himself as a charismatic leader who often led his troops from the front. He eventually became friends with the young Anakin Skywalker and helped Anakin come to terms with the destruction which had been wrought by the galaxy-wide war. A'Sharad took part in key conflicts during the war such as the Battle of Boz Pity and Siege of Saleucami. He managed to survive the Clone Wars, and was one of the few Jedi known to have escaped the Great Jedi Purge in 19 BBY.

A'Sharad Hett eventually made his way back to his homeworld of Tatooine where he vowed to wage a private war against the new Galactic Empire. However, after a confrontation with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, he was exiled from Tatooine and later discovered that it was Anakin Skywalker who became the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who had aided in the annihilation of the Jedi Order. A'Sharad blamed himself for the destruction of the Jedi Order and became a bounty hunter. During one of his missions, he found himself on Korriban, where he trained as a Sith under the tutelage of the Dark Lord XoXaan. Hett eventually fell to the dark side after capture and torture by the Yuuzhan Vong and soon proclaimed himself Dread Lord and Dark Lord of the Sith, taking the name "Darth Krayt". As Krayt, he became the founder and leader of the One Sith. As Krayt, he rebuilt the Sith Order and kept its existence hidden from the Jedi by cloaking their presence on Korriban. To survive, Krayt spent many years in stasis before reemerging to form an alliance with Moff Nyna Calixte and to spark the Sith–Imperial War that led to the destruction of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. At the climax of the war, Krayt deposed Emperor Roan Fel and brought about the destruction of the New Jedi Order.

Darth Krayt ruled the galaxy with an iron fist for seven years before the alliance between rightful Emperor Roan Fel and Galactic Alliance admiral Gar Stazi threatened his usurped rule. Furthermore, Krayt discovered the existence and survival of a Skywalker: Cade. Krayt feared that with these deteriorating conditions and his bad health would lead to his demise before his dream was finished, and sent about the hunt for Cade Skywalker. However, during a skirmish on Had Abbadon, Krayt was stabbed and sent hurtling off a cliff. The Sith Lord's powers proved strong, however, when they saved his life. Darth Krayt was then approached by Darth Wyyrlok, his most trusted advisor, who presumably murdered Krayt, believing the Dread Lord would lead to the Sith Order's destruction. But, even as he was inactive, Krayt's ideals were being carried out by Wyyrlok in his place. Krayt later healed his body from his near-death experience. Overcoming the taint of his armor, he called out to all those across the galaxy who had touched the dark side, signaling his return. With the aid of loyal Sith and a new breed of Sith troopers, Krayt retook Coruscant, slaying Darth Wyyrlok in the process, and began making preparations to rebirth the galaxy through war. However, in the final battle, he once again attempted to turn Cade Skywalker. He failed to do so, which allowed Cade to permanently kill him.

Ashard Hett
created by Mastercloner


Click the link below to visit Mastercloner's ebay page:



Darth Dusty is an artist that has been drawing, painting, and sculpting for over twenty-five years, and customizing for over ten. He mainly enjoys customizing figures from the expanded universe of Star Wars, and creating characters of his own, but also indulges in other areas of Pop Culture. The goal is to give people something rare, and unique, and also to challenge himself to make customs of characters that may never see the light of day on a store shelf.

Creating figures for adult collectors, he loves the use of cloth goods, and hand sculpting new parts. Darth Dusty uses many materials, such as, Acrylic Paints, Apoxy Sculpt, Casting Resins, and even puffy paint, as key elements in each creation. Darth Dusty researches many of the figures he plans to build to get as much accuracy as possible without compromising the functionality of the action figure.

Fairly retired from doing commissioned figures, he loves hearing ideas on what figures to make. Darth Dusty keeps a list of characters on the back burner, so expect to see plenty more figures to come.

Below is the "Force Unleashed II Starkiller" custom that Dad bought from Darth Dusty to give me for my Christmas present this year.  The whole diorama is just incredible.  Especially the two charred Stormtroopers that he included.  I just love this custom action figure diorama!

"The Force Unleashed II
created by Darth Dusty


Darth Dusty's Facebook page:

eBay seller: thinkinink1972


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #25: DARTH OPTIMUS's Secret Santa event has always been a huge provider of Christmas spirit in our home and was a real influence on Dad's decision to run a 2012 Secret Santa over at Imperial Shipyards.

Darth Optimus created the Falleen custom action figure pictured below for Dad's Secret Santa gift for participating in the Imperial Shipyard's Secret Santa event Dad hosted.  We were really impressed with the action figure when we got in the mail earlier this month.  It's been torture waiting to post this figure and having to hold out until our other Secret Santa action figures arrive.  The figure even came with a great short story attached to it.  Dad was really happy that we had another Black Sun member in the house.  Especially since Dad had recently created a Guri.   Hope you enjoy the Falleen action figure as much as we do.  Thank you, Mike!

Darth Optimus hails from Texas. His name reflects his love of both Star Wars & Transformers. Darth Optimus works in the animal care field and is married with two children. He has been customizing off & on for 12 years....more so in the last two than in the last ten. He started out painting Battle Tech minis and progressed to making custom figs from Toy Biz X-men figs.  Darth Optimus next went to Transformers and completed probably two dozen figures....including a team of Junkions. Most recently he made the transition to Star Wars figures due to swappability with the different 3 3/4" well as, the possibility to do vehicles.

Fan Fiction Story by Darth Optimus:

"The Falleen known as Xeven was a young, promising, up-and-coming mercenary serving a long-term contract with Black Sun during the Clone Wars. After the execution of Order 66, the newly-formed Empire placed bounties on the heads of all surviving Jedi. The Black Sun organization picked up several deathmark contracts and assigned several in-house hunters to the task of finding the Jedi. Xeven was among those chosen.

A capable tracker, Xeven found and dispatched several Padawans and minor Knights over the next three years. His confidence grew with each victory and he believed that no Jedicould defeat him. He was wrong.

An encounter with an unidentified Jedi (but surely of Master level) left Xeven without both his hands. Turning to a Black Sun affiliated cyberneticist, Xeven chose to utilize hands from a Magna Guard series droid as replacements. Xeven meshed quickly with the robotics, and was on the hunt within a week. He is constantly on the look out for the Jedi who maimed him.

Xeven's weapons of choice are fairly basic. He prefers the Relby-v10 micro grenade launcher favored by Trandoshans as his main weapon. He carries an onyx-handled Westar-34 blaster pistol on his hip as back up. The weapon is the same style carried by his idol, Jango Fett. Lastly, Xeven carries an adamantium battle blade that has been in his clan for generations."

created by Darth Optimus

Darth Optimus even included this custom Star Wars stand.


Topknot: AOTC Aurra Sing
Head: Comic Pack Prince Xizor
Torso, Arms and Kama/Sarrong: TCW Embo
Hands: TCW Magna Guard
Legs: TFU Kota's Elite
Large Gun: TVC Bossk
Pistol and Holster: TVC Jango Fett
Melee Blade: Parts bin


created by Darth Daddy



When Dad organized the 2012 Secret Santa over at Imperial Shipyards, Darksider80 stated that he wanted to participate early in the sign-up process, but forgot to send his mailing address before the deadline arrived.  Dad matched everyone up, and then after all the emails were sent, Dad heard a response from him.  Dad felt bad leaving him out of the event, especially since he was relatively new to the custom action figure forum community.  The last thing Dad wanted was for this talented customizer to feel left out by a new community he was choosing to participate in.  As a solution Dad decided to create one extra figure and do a figure swap with Darksider80 on top of the one he was formally doing for the event. 

After being totally wowed by the plethora of Star Wars custom figures on the internet Darksider80 was inspired to bust a couple out himself! The purpose of his blog is just to share his work, get feedback and make connections with other people who love Star Wars, toys, and creative expression as much as he does. He love comments, whether you love his stuff or downright hate it, so leave your opinions for him to see! He is always open to ideas and suggestions for new projects as well.

Inside our package from Darksider80 was a Darth Zannah custom action figure from The Old Republic and masterfully produced at that.  Thanks so much  Noah.  She's gorgeous!


"Zannah, known as "Rain" during her childhood, was a Human female from the planet Somov Rit. She was recruited to fight for the Jedi's Army of Light during the Ruusan campaign of the New Sith Wars but, after arriving on Ruusan, was separated from the group during a Sith attack and presumed dead. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, she had been saved and befriended by a member of the native Bouncerspecies called Laa. When the Brotherhood of Darkness later unleashed a planet-wide Force storm, Rain survived by instinctively enveloping herself and Laa with a bubble of Force energy. Not long afterward, the young girl watched as Laa was haplessly killed by Jedi scouts. Stricken with anger and grief, she unwittingly gave in to the dark side and murdered the Jedi. Her display of rage attracted the attention of the war's only surviving Dark Lord, Darth Bane, who decided to take her as his apprentice. Rain cast away the handle of her youth and instead embraced her birth name, becoming Darth Zannah.

Zannah's preliminary Force training took place on the planet Ambria and involved the study of ancient Sith magic. In her tutelage under Darth Bane, Zannah executed a variety of missions designed to incite anarchist movements throughout the Galactic Republic, including manipulating the terrorist Anti-Republic Liberation Front into a botched assassination attempt on former Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum. From Hetton, the ARLF's leader, Zannah also recovered information regarding the creation of holocrons, a secret highly sought by her Master, who later killed Hetton after Zannah tricked him into an attack on the Dark Lord. When the parasites that comprised Bane's body armor began to cause him concern, Zannah was tasked with infiltrating the Jedi Temple archives on Coruscant to obtain information about the creatures. Her mission complete, Zannah was surprised to encounter her cousin Darovit, who confessed that he had exposed her presence to the Jedi. Zannah fled Coruscant with him and met Darth Bane on Tython, where the Sith prepared to battle the pursuant Jedi. Despite their numbers, all of the Jedi were slain, although Bane was grievously wounded and on the brink of dying. Zannah returned with her Master to Ambria and demanded on threat of death that the local healer save the Dark Lord, which he agreed to do only after Zannah revealed the Sith presence on Ambria to the Jedi. She betrayed and killed the healer upon completion of the procedure and also used her power to drive Darovit mad. The respondent Jedi assumed that he was the Sith Lord they sought and killed him, effectively convincing the Jedi of the Sith's final eradication. With no surviving witnesses, the existence of Darth Zannah and her Master remained safely anonymous.

The Sith relocated to Ciutric IV, and over the course of ten years, Zannah grew to be an accomplished Sith sorceress who equaled Darth Bane in strength. When she failed to confront him for the position of Dark Lord, Bane believed she lacked initiative. However, Zannah had already begun to contemplate his demise. On a mission to Doan, she learned of a Dark Jedi named Set Harth and enlisted the reluctant young man as her apprentice. Zannah returned with him to Ciutric IV to confront her own Master, only to find that Bane had been captured by the Doan Royal Guard. She then returned to Doan, where she infiltrated the place of Bane's imprisonment. She located Bane and fought him, but their duel ended in a draw when both were forced to flee the prison. Soon after, Bane, who had taken the Iktotchi Darth Cognus as his new apprentice, called Zannah to meet him on Ambria, where they dueled for the final time. Zannah was initially overwhelmed by her Master's attacks, but she was able to use her sorcery to injure him. As a last resort, Bane attempted to transfer his essence into her body, but was defeated when Zannah's spirit condemned his to the void of the dark side. Zannah then took Darth Cognus as her apprentice and continued Bane's legacy as Dark Lord of the Sith.

"Darth Zannah"
created by Darksider80


created by Darth Daddy



Lucasclones is a customizer that dives into everything. Right now he's building mini-dioramas for his custom action figures. He customizes Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Desolation, and several other toy lines. He recently even created an H.P. Lovecraft inspired custom. He has an active Youtube channel complete with figure reviews, tutorials, and custom action figure debuts. Lucasclone's podcast has been a boon to the custom action figure community. Working with Imperial Shipyards administrator Tamer on his podcast Custom Action Figure News he made customizers accessible to their fans while getting some great tips on how to make our toys better. His recent addition of "Rountable" discusssions need to be archived for all interested in the artform. These discussions provide a free education  woth a fortune.  I can't even begin to list the many contributions Lucasclones has brought to the community.  Dad became friends with Lucasclones shortly after we appeared on CAFN.  Most of these figures from this post were the result of swaps that they have done through the years. Dad has always loved the "Eyeball" figures that Lucasclones made. They are some of Dad's favorite figures in my collection.

created by LUCASCLONES

created by LUCASCLONES

created by LUCASCLONES

created by LUCASCLONES

created by LUCASCLONES

Like many collectors of The Clone Wars action figure line, we really wished Hasbro would have released Trandoshan hunting pods in their mini-rig line.  A few years ago, Star Wars customizer Lucasclones made a custom version of the vehicle, and it's the only one I've ever seen made.  If any start-up Star Wars 3-D printer artists want a cool vehicle to sell this would be one of them that I would like to see offered.  If Hasbro had made this I would have bought several.

A few weeks ago, Lucasclones was advertising the two Trandoshan hunters pictured below for purchase on his Instagram account.  Dad shot him a text message and asked him if he still had the Trandoshan hunting pod that he had made.  We loved this custom 3 3/4" scale vehicle since the first time we saw it pictured in the Star Wars customizing forums on the web.  Not only did Lucasclones still have the hunting pod in his possession he was willing to part with it.  He even threw in the two advertised Trandoshan Hunters!

The roll bar broke in shipping, but Dad was able to repair everything with a little bit of krazy glue.  I'm really happy the add this piece to my collection.

created by Lucasclones

For the link to lucasclones on Imperial Shipyards go to : 

For the link to lucasclones on Flickr go to :

For the link to lucasclones on Youtube go to :

Go here to listen to the Custom Action Figure News podcast:


If there is anything you would like him to feature on a future podcast be sure to let him know at:



The first time we saw Hangarbay94's "Nar Shaddaa Interceptor Patrol Vehicle" we were just blown away.  The silhouette, the color, and the sheer amount of detail that was spread throughout it's entirety put this custom above anything we ever saw before.  The first words out of my mouth when I held it in my hands, "Dad, Hangarbay94's a much better customizer than you." I never saw anything like it.  The imagery was Star Wars meets Blade Runner.  The vehicle was just gorgeous.  I carried it around for two days straight.  I couldn't put it down.  I just loved looking at it.  The slide decal work and the weathering made this custom vehicle look camera ready, set to be used alongside other models and filmed to be in the next Star Wars movie.

This vehicle is jam packed with play features too.  The features include a hook and crane that lowers out of the bottom of the vehicle fit for carrying a bundled load or for towing, the cockpit contains a rolling cage in the back seat of the cockpit to detain prisoners or be moved out of the way for regular passengers, opening doors, and all greatly accented by it's flashing lights and sirens.  The detailed paintwork on the super cool droid that came with it was the cherry on top.

Julian aka Hangarbay94 is an avid Star Wars fan who has made a name for himself by customising vehicles and creating photo novels. His work is featured on Yakface and at Imperial Shipyards where he is also one of the forum moderators. His ongoing project is a graphic novelization of the classic PC game "X-Wing Alliance" which features a mixture of custom figures, dioramas, vehicles as well as creative artwork Hangarbay94 produced using Adobe Photoshop. Julian is self taught and admits to being heavily influenced by Chewie and other contemporary photo novelists.

Amongst his more notable custom projects Julian specialises in making flat, pack-and-easy-to-store dioramas, including large scale fold aways including an LED-lit "Endor Landing Platform" a huge flat-pack "Death Star Hangar" and a "Calamari Cruiser Hangar Bay".

Julian also produced a movie novel called Darkchild that we absolutely love here at home.  Jules now admits to biting a little more than he could chew, and sadly the project remains unfinished at chapter 3.  Don't let it prevent you from getting invested.  It still has a big payoff in the experience of it alone.  Hangarbay94 is a real talent in the Star Wars community with his hands in so many different aspects of Star Wars artistry.

Every time I see Hangarbay94's work, Dad and I just sit there and wonder how he finds time to do it all and to the levels that he accomplishes. He's just phenomenal and raises the bar for the whole customizing community. Now it hangs suspended from my ceiling at the foot of my bed where I get to fall asleep looking at it and wake up with it being the first thing I see.  It is definitely one of the favorite pieces that I have in my Star Wars custom action figure collection.

"Nar Shaddaa Interceptor Patrol Vehicle"
created by Hangarbay94

 "It is my favourite custom." - Hangarbay94

"Nar Shaddaa Interceptor Patrol Vehicle"

Listen to the artist himself talk about this project:

You'll find Julian's X-Wing Alliance graphic novel and movie at:

Also check out his Darkchild series on his Youtube Channel at:

You should also check out Hangarbay94's:


Homeworld - Return to Higara.


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #29: Mikeys customs

So it's time for another installment of our Customizer Spotlight.  This time around we are featuring a custom Star Wars action figure that we just had on display at Star Wars Spectacular, but wasn't yet revealed here on the blog.  Dad recently saw this Death Trooper created by Mikeys customs on ebay and we felt it would be a great addition to my zombie Stormtrooper horde.  Mikeys customs is famous for his zombie custom action figures and if you check out his albums in his Facebook profile you'll see just why.

"Death Trooper"
created by Mikeys customs

To go to Mikeys customs ebay page click link below:

To go to Mikeys customs Facebook page click the link below:

Straight out of Joe Schreiber's "Death Troopers"


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #30: Marcus Starkiller

Star Wars customizer Marcus Starkiller made a super-articulated Aurra Sing that we couldn't pass up.  We even got a sweet bonus figure when it shipped.

"Aurra Sing"
created by Marcus Starkiller

So it's time to present our latest edition of Customizer Spotlight.  For the month of May, we grabbed two of the newer additions to my collection that were made by Star Wars customizer Marcus Starkiller.  He made a super-articulated Aurra Sing that we couldn't pass up.  We even got a sweet bonus figure when it shipped.  We came across the Star Wars custom action figures of customizer John Bandow, aka Marcus Starkiller, while surfing the forums of Rebelscum and like us he's a huge Star Wars fan. We were really impressed with not only his customs, but also the work he put into their presentation. He recently started to sell some of his customs, and we picked up the above Aurra Sing custom action figure to add to my collection.  He threw in a New Republic Neimodian A-Wing Pilot for free.  Check out his figures and pick up a few yourselves. We can't say how impressed we were with his action figures, and we are sure that you will be too.

"New Republic Neimodian A-Wing Pilot"
created by Marcus Starkiller

Dad also recently picked up Marcus Starkiller's "Ultimate" Durge custom action figure for me.  The action figure was beautifully constructed by Star Wars customizer Marcus Starkiller who incorporated the best elements from all of the Durge action figures that were released by Hasbro.  I had all three of Hasbro's releases, but after seeing Marcus Starkiller's awesome creation, my three figures are all obsolete.  His action figure sports full articulation and a removable helmet featuring the detailed headsculpt from the Comic Pack release.  Durge even fit well on the speeder bike I had in my collection.  This is definitely the best version of Durge I have ever seen committed to plastic. 

created by Marcus Starkiller


 Hasbro's three Durge releases.


created by Marcus Starkiller



To see more action figures created by Marcus Starkiller click here:



I was recently asked what my most unique custom action figure was.  I answered, "Read my next Customizer Spotlight."  Well here is the big reveal.  It's my Pulp Fiction Jedi: Julz Saywhat.  This action figure is something Dad got a kick out of, and added to my collection.  Move over Mace Windu.  Hunter Knight Customs makes some great movies for his figures.  Be sure to check out all his links.  This is one tslented customizer that dabbles in multiple toy lines.

Pulp Fiction Jedi - Julz Saywhat
created by Hunter Knight Customs


Based on the awesome cult movie "Pulp Fiction" Chris made this awesome crossover figure, featuring one of the most iconic anti-heroes of pop culture and mixed it with Star Wars.

The result: the most unique action figure to ever grace your Star Wars collection!

Julz Saywat is a Jedi from earth, picked up by Han Solo when he was done "walking the earth like Kane in Kung Fu" He then was secretly trained in the Jedi temple of the New Jedi Order. Now in his first mission he faces a mission similar to the one given to him 17 years ago: Deliver a briefcase safely...

This figure includes a Lightsaber and a briefcase with secret contents inside! Only the winner of the auction will get to know what is inside!

From Hunter Knight Customs, a leading customizing studio with hundreds of custom action figures made. Their work has been showcased in Hollywood movies such as Sex Drive (we built a car for them) and MTV.

Pulp Fiction Jedi - Julz Saywhat
created by Hunter Knight Customs

created by Hunter Knight Customs

Hunter Knight Customs on YouTube

ON eBay NOW: 
Visit their website: 
Visit their store: 
Add them on Facebook:  
Chek out their Interview with MTV:  
Follow them on twitter: 


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #32: Mercury Art Studios

We thought it would be a good time to display the figure in my collection that has the most sentimental value. Michael Martinez of Mercury Art Studios did a little bit of everything in all scale, and was a Star Wars fan for years. He was killed on July 2, 2011 in a head on collision with a drunk driver leaving behind a daughter and his pregnant fiancé, Hollie.

The 27 year old from Georgia was one of the coolest customizers out there, and he was also a good friend. When Dad first started customizing, Mike and Dad would spend time chatting on Facebook about customizing and the joys of fatherhood. He would share stories of his little girl holding a Dremmel to action figures and making the appropriate sound effects as she imitated her dad. He would always speak about his family with great adoration. Mike was always so generous and eager to share his wealth of customizing knowledge and help Dad out with tips or parts for a new customizing project.  Mike was responsible for showing us the host for almost all of our video content found on the blog.  We never found a customizer so enthusiastic about the art form and the community that surrounded it.  To Dad, Mike was truly an inspiration.

A week before Mike died, he told Dad that he had just finished making us a custom action figure, and he was going to be mailing it to us for all that our blog has done for the customizing community.  Sadly we never recived it.  A few months after Mike's passing, Dad saw a custom action figure that Mike had made up for auction on eBay.  Dad was so happy when he was named the highest bidder and we won the auction.  I love that I was able to add Mike's Kee to my collection. 

I think at some point or another, all customizers have often dreamed about what it would be like to earn a living solely from the toys we produce. Mike was doing just that. Mike told Dad that he was able to support his family by making just ten custom action figures a week and selling them on eBay. We've loved his customs ever since we first saw them on and couldn't tell you how saddened we are by the loss of one of the greatest talents within this community. Mike you will truly be missed.

created by Mercury Art Studios


When Cade Skywalker visited Rik's Cantina on Coruscant in 137 ABY, she threatened him with a blaster pistol, hoping he could reveal where her former crew members, Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue had absconded with the Grinning Liar, which they had rented after leaving Cade's employ. Unfortunately, Cade was unable to help her or Chak, though he made a joking pass at her.

After Cade became enthralled to the Sith, Kee along with Chak joined the crew of the Mynock in Cade's rescue as a necessary step to reaquiring the Grinning Liar which had somehow ended up in the hands of Rav.

Kee, along with Chak, Deliah Blue, and Jariah Syn, were later hired by Morrigan Corde to help rescue Cade, who was her son. She assisted Syn in attaching miniature cameras to Yuuzhan Vong bugs Corde obtained from the Empire. After three weeks, when they finally managed to locate Cade and his attempt to escape the Temple of the Sith, Kee commented on how he is "chucking Darth Hottie out the airlock.

Kee flew with Chak, Corde, Blue and Syn in the Mynock over the Temple. She made a sarcastic joke about one of the craziest things Syn has ever done. The mission ended in Cade's escape from the Sith.

She later accompanied Chak, Cade, and Syn in an attempt to get the Grinning Liar back from Rav. After retrieving the ship, she wished Cade well and asked him to say goodbye to Blue for her. When he told her that the two weren't interacting, the Devaronian called him a nerfherder and encouraged him to talk to her.

Click any of the three links below for more from Mercury Art Studios:!/pages/Mercur ... 9501317704



This action figure is one of my favorite custom Mandalorian action figures.  I love the weathering and color scheme on this one, but I think my favorite part is the head once the helmet comes off.  Although the modifications are very simple, it shows that with just a little tweaking, a great figure can be made.  

SithHappens is usually known on eBay for selling his numerous resin head casts, but if you're lucky, you can find one of his cool custom action figures too.  Keep an eye out and check his eBay page often.  You may just find an awesome score like this on your next visit.

created by SITHHAPPENS

SithHappens blog of Star Wars customs is located at:

SithHappens eBay page:

SithHappens' Mandalorian was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.


Shaka's Customs aka munchkins2005

This is a cool looking Star Wars custom action figure that we saw on eBay and wanted to add to my collection.  This is a character from Shaka Customs original line, Star Wars The Lost Files: Bluestunie.  We use this figure as a street musician in one of our Tatooine street scenes.

Bluestunie is Rappertunie's father, and one of the original members of Jabba's band.
Shaka's Customs started by trimming some plastic from the shoulders, and head of a Rappertunie action figure.  Then he built the hair, re-sculpted his head, and a gave the figure a full paint job including his seat and instrument.

Shaka's Customs is a seasoned veteran over at Figure Realm.   He has created toys from several toy lines, so you should definitely check out the links below to see more of his work. 

created by Shaka's Customs aka munchkins2005

To go to the eBay page for munchkins2005 go to the link below:

Also check out Shaka's Customs on Figure Realm:



"Sise Fromm"
created by JawaKing

Recently we showcased some super-articulated customs action figures from the Droids cartoon that were made by Star Wars customizer Peakob1. Around the same time we acquired those figures, we also obtained another action figure of a character from that same TV show, but made by a different Star Wars artist that goes by the name of JawaKing, and this action figure also featured super-articulation. The action figure was of Sise Fromm, an elderly male Annoo-dat who at one time, was the head of the most powerful crime syndicate in the galaxy.

I needed a villain to go with the rest of the action figures I had from the Droids cartoon and this creation was the perfect fit.  The soft goods were created with a heavy suede like material that is always cool to the touch and it is dark and rich in color.  The nicest soft goods material I have ever seen on an action figure.  I loved the weight of the fabric, very heavy and thick.  What I really liked about this fabric was how readily it accepted paint on its surface on how nice it looked once it was applied.

The articulation on the figure is just awesome!  Ball joints at the head, shoulder, elbows, knees and ankles with swivel joints at the waist, hips and wrists.  All hidden under that gorgeous regal muumuu.

JawaKing customized for the Custom Alliance over a decade ago and just started doing customs again this year.  He's a graphic designer for a paycheck, mostly designing company logos, school mascots, shirt designs, etc.  His main drive though is the large, full-sized creature sculptures he makes for the local art galleries.  He also creates a lot of monsters and decorations at Halloween for Veterans' organizations to help with their fundraising efforts.  Custom Star Wars figures are the only small-scale sculptures he does.  He can be contacted through YakChat as JawaKing.

JawaKing has crafted some beautiful figures from the Droids cartoon that I saw posted in a customizing thread over at the forums on  I fell in love with them the first time I saw them.  I like seeing this new trend that's developing of customizers updating the figures of older characters given a more modern incarnation.  It's also cool how nicely they blend into my collection of other figures now too.  I was really bummed when I found out that JawaKing's Tig Fromm had already been sold to another buyer, but I was so happy that I was still able to obtain his Sise Fromm action figure.

I really love this Sise Fromm action figure made by JawaKing


"Sise Fromm, was an elderly male Annoo-dat who at one time, was the head of the most powerful crime syndicate in the galaxy.
During Senator Palpatine's rise to high office, it appears that Sise Fromm, the elderly then-kingpin of organized crime in the galaxy, was one of several gangsters who made possible the Sith Lord's bid for power. Others seem to have included Jabba Desilijic Tiure and PrinceXizor, fledgling heir to the Black Sun criminal empire. Fromm was fascinated by the Tarkin Doctrine and Palpatine's ambitious dream of a New Order. However, Fromm was ignorant of the Senator's true nature and severely underestimated his partner in crime.

Sise hired Boba Fett to eliminate his rival, Klin Kartoosh, leaving him undisputed crimelord of the Annoo system. Sise tried to groom his son Tig to replace him, but the clumsy youth accidentally destroyed Sise's vacation palace on Bolad.[1] Sise assigned soldier Vlix Oncard with damage control duty accompanying Tig.

Even after the end of the Clone Wars and establishment of the Galactic Empire, Fromm continued to attempt to compete with Palpatine. However, he was far more successful in his striving than would seem reasonably possible. He even constructed a super weapon similar to the Death Star, a full fifteen years before the Empire was able to accomplish such a feat. This would have posed a serious threat to Palpatine's newly-established government, were it not for a run of incredibly bad luck that destroyed both the space station and his palace.

Mad for revenge, Sise Fromm devoted his time to hunting down and destroying the individuals responsible. However, his fellow gangsters Xizor and Jabba sensed the winds of change and spent their resources more wisely, garnering favor with those who seemed to be shifting into power. In this way, Xizor and Jabba built powerful criminal empires parallel and in symbiosis to Palpatine's New Order. Taking advantage of Fromm's temporary insanity and weakened state, Jabba the Hutt made a political power-play that would rob Fromm of his power. The quick-witted Hutt struck while the iron was hot and placed a bounty on the heads of the entire Fromm organization, aiming to crush them while they were still reeling from their losses. Through a series of bad turns with the bounty hunter Boba Fett, the elderly Annoo-dat gangster was captured along with his son and Vlix, their chief officer of security, and turned over to Jabba.

Sise survived the ordeal only by agreeing to a deal heavily slanted in Jabba's favor, promising the Hutt a large percentage of the Fromm family business profits and committing their army of Annoo-dat clones to Jabba's attempt at removing the Mandalorian Death Watch diaspora that had encroached on his territory."[2] - from Wookieepedia


"Sise Fromm"
created by JawaKing


The Sise Fromm action figure from my collection with JawaKing's Tig Fromm custom action figure.  Unfortunately, the Tig Fromm was already sold. I would have loved to own that action figure too!

JawaKing on

To go to the ebay page of JawaKing:


created by markpoon

This is a custom replica you can buy on eBay made by Singapore customizer markpoon of a Vlix Oncard Droids action figure. Vlix represents an obscure character from the short-lived Droids cartoon series and is the rarest of all Star Wars figures to be commercially released. In the States, it was scheduled for release in Kenner's 2nd series of Droids action figures, but, due to the cancellation of the show, it was never issued. Vlix was only released in Brazil by Glasslite in 1988 & very few are known to exist.

markpoon's Vlix is pressure cast from an original Brazilian Glasslite Vlix in plastic, fully articulated & air-brushed by a professional modeler to match the exact same color as the original figure. It comes complete with a black rifle (cast from an original Hoth Stormtrooper rifle). All mold lines were skillfully removed from the master copy before the mold is made so the figure is extremely well cast.



JediStyle not only has one of the coolest monikers in the Star Wars customizing community, but he also has creativity and skill that fits his name. This Southern California customizer was one of the first artists that really caught Dad's eye when we first started making our own figures and posting in the Yakface forums. Dad has long admired JediStyle's creative character creations, and his ability to apply paint with such beautiful contrasts and colors that REALLY pop.  JediStyle has a great eye for color and he's one of the best painters in the Star Wars custom action figure community. We just love this customizer's imagination and his creations are a testament to how far reaching it is. There is so much to appreciate in every unique piece.  

JediStyle took some time off from the hobby. Fortunately, he's back now and still has the ability to unhinge jaws.

Recently JediStyle, sent Dad a message, and asked Dad if he could commission him to make a custom Star Wars action figure.   Since Dad was always such a huge fan of JediStyle's work, Dad immediately asked if they could do a figure swap as payment.  For the figure swap they both agreed to create either a bounty hunter or a Jedi for each other, and then mail it when they were finished.
Dad didn't feel like he had any good Jedi fodder, at least not at the level to reach his standards. Which meant that Dad would be making a bounty hunter.  At first Dad was going to try and create some crazy alien bounty hunter, but after seeing JediStyle's Mandalorian series, Dad noticed that there were no female Mandalorians on display.  That's when Dad decided that instead of doing an alien bounty hunter, he was going to create a female bounty hunter, a Steam Punk Mandalorian.  
Dad shipped his creation out early this month and two weeks ago we received our figure from JediStyle.  Just instead of one figure, JediStyle sent us TWO figures!  Two figures AND a diorama!  He sent a figure for me and a figure for Dad.  I can't tell you how excited I was.  As thanks, I'm going to create a figure for him so he can have a figure from me and one from Dad.

The diorama is just beautiful.  The colors in the background are so rich.  I LOVE IT!  We're sure you will too.

created by JediStyle

To see more Star Wars custom action figures created by JediStyle go to:  



When it comes to customizing, Hyperdrive is usually known for his signature "weathered and worn" soft goods. Hyperdrive's soft goods work is just amazing!  

What many people don't know, is that Hyperdrive has created some customs that have no soft goods work at all involved.   One of these figures can be found in my own collection.  Every holiday season, Customs for the Kid participates in's Secret Santa event in their forums.  Darth Daddy and Hyperdrive were each other's Secret Santa, and Hyperdrive made us a unique droid in the old Vintage style that Dad grew up with.  Both Dad and I were really impressed with this figure.  Dad was most impressed with the sticker that Hyperdrive created on his computer to attach to the torso of the droid.  This figure was a really cool addition to my collection and he is now posed with the complete Vintage Droid Factory playset that I found under my tree this past Christmas. 

Originally, we had planned to post this action figure back in January, but Hyperdrive had sent us two packages.  One with the figure and one with the diorama.  Unfortunately, the diorama was lost in the mail for a long time until the box and diorama had been returned by the post office to Hyperdrive's home completely damaged and beyond repair. 

created by Hyperdrive

To see more Star Wars custom action figures created by Hyperdrive, click the link below:



So I guess this isn't exactly an action figure. It's a statue. He stands about 2.5" tall and is solid hand cast resin.  It was love at first sight and we had to get him.  He'd be great in a Star Wars diorama.  

MEATHEAD TOYS struck gold with this concept.  His execution is exceptional too!  We found his work surfing the net and we recommend checking MEATHEAD TOYS out.  He has a lot of fun pieces that you won't see anywhere else.

He has a lot of customs for sale on his website, as well as this enlightened droid pictured below.  We really love his Droids cartoon inspired astromechs with their long skinny limbs. We'll leave his Wookiee figures as a surprise for when you give his page a look.  Love our purchase on this one.  This piece is just beautiful!


He's here to help open the door to enlightenment.



DAN of the DEAD

"For the last 4 years, I have been creating custom action figures for's Secret Santa event.  It's my favorite way to celebrate the holidays since we joined the Star Wars customizing community.  The Yakface forums are where I started posting my artwork when I first started making action figures, and where I made my first friendships with my peers.  Dan of the Dead was also an artist who frequently posted there and I loved his work a great deal.  I was really excited when  I found out that he was the one to receive my gift this year and even more excited when I found out that we were the recipient of his gift.

Elias hasn't been able to keep his hands off the gift we received from Dan of the Dead since we got it in the mail on Monday.  I kept noticing him taking breaks every five minutes, picking up the box and gazing at the swoop within as he worked hard at translating the Aurebesh note we received with our gift."

-Darth Daddy


The note we received from Dan of the Dead written in Aurebesh.


Greetings Sentient,

And congratulations on your acquisition on your Die Industries Scatterblast Class Swoop. As you know, Die Industries patented dual intake engine gives your swoop unparalleled power, and the Scatterblast's unique over/under engine configuration is certain to turn heads!

Regrettably, recent Imperial regulations prevent us from installing the full advanced weapons upgrade you requested!  We have credited your account for the cost of the package and hope you enjoy the complimentary, personal defense weapons upgrade installed in its place! Imperial regulations for the require us clarify that the requested detail paint scheme is to no longer be known as "Rebel Red"! The Imperial Security Bureau has suggested "Compliance Crimeon" as a replacement!

At Die Industries, we understand you have a choice when it comes to purchasing swoops and other high-end performance speeders, and we appreciate the chance to serve your repulsorcraft needs! We'd also like to wish you a Happy Life Day (barring any local Imperial sanctions regulating the observation of said holiday in your particular sector.)


Faded Datheon (Dan of the Dead)
Chief Engineer

"Die Industries Scatterblast Class Swoop"
created by Faded Datheon aka Dan of the Dead

Click the links below for more of Dan the Dead:


Be sure to check out his blog:



The next two podracers we have to share with you all were not only manufactured by ASIS FILM MODELS, but we now own the actual figures used in their advertising photos and can be found in the "Customs for the Kid" home collection. Both of these two figures were painted by ASIS FILM MODELS themselves.  ASIS FILM MODELS paint applications are impressive as their sculpting skills. These figures are just beautiful!   

ASIS FILM MODELS puts out a wonderful product for those of you that want to fill out their 3 3/4" collection.  No they don't have articulation but these cast figures bring the bang in every other department.  I always loved the character design of these podracers and ASIS FILM MODELS really brings these characters to life. If you feel like you don't have the ability to paint the figures quite as well as ASIS can, have them paint one for you.  Their paint applications are stunning! We couldn't be more thrilled to own these! 



Below are two other ASIS FILM MODELS creations that Elias painted.  These pieces paint up beautifully!

painted by Elias
sculpt and cast created by ASIS FILM MODELS

painted by Elias
sculpt and cast created by ASIS FILM MODELS

"Customs for the Kid" podracer shelf.

These two figures from The Mandalorian are another cool offering produced by Asis Film Models. They are both 3.75" scale figurines and are a great addition to any Star Wars action figure collection. Each are an ultra-detailed resin cast, painted by hand and placed on a custom cardback with a resealable blister. Both of these can be purchased online from the Asis Film Models website.

Customs for the Kid has purchased numerous items from this seller in the past and they never disappoint. Buy with confidence!

"The Child" is also available in the 6" scale.





Early in the week, I found some really beautiful Star Wars dioramas up for auction on eBay. When Elias saw them he asked me to bid on them for him and he would reimburse me with the money he had been saving from some commissions that he did. When he won both auctions, he screamed praises to the gods above for his victory. Quite excessively and at great length to my surprise. A low bellow from deep within. 

After winning the auction, I inquired and asked the seller who the artist was that made these incredible dioramas for 3 3/4" action figures. I was informed that they were created by artist Carl BouMansour who goes by the handle of Boutros77. His talent has caught the eye of Star Wars blogger/historian Tim Veekhoven who tweeted the artist's work and Boutros77 has even been interviewed by From 4-LOM to

His Cantina and Jabba's Palace dioramas have gotten some serious attention too and I advise checking out his Flickr page. Drool worthy!

"Ben's House"
created by Boutros77

"Yoda's Hutt"
created by Boutros77

A few weeks after we wrote our feature on the new additions to our collection, we had the opportunity to add another one of Boutros77's dioramas to our shelves. This time the display was of the inner passageways of the Tantive IV ship that carried Princess Leia and the Death Star plans.  

The craftsmanship on this piece is most impressive. The opening and closing door feature is strong and sturdy, and we really love that one of the wall panels can be removed to increase the angles from which you can take photographs. These design choices really increase playability. The tabs that were engineered to hold the removable wall in place are just some of the fine details that make this a top shelf piece.

"Tantive IV Passageway"
created by Boutros77

 Grooves and a tab are present to keep the removable wall firmly in place when completely assembled.

 The tab near the top locks the wall in position.

Flickr Page:


Customizer Spotlight # 42: "STAR WARS REBELS - SABINE's TIE FIGHTER" created by MirkoFx Studio aka Mirko Martinovic

When Star Wars fans wrapped up Season 1 of "Star Wars Rebels" viewers gazed at one ultra cool variation on a Tie Fighter via to the artistic stylings of The Ghost crew member, Sabine Wren. Many fans hope that Hasbro releases a version of the vehicle from the "Fire Across the Galaxy" season finale, but as of now we're still waiting for an official announcement that it will happen.  Mirko Martinovic's painted Tie Fighter was probably the best exclusive giveaway at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, because it is one of the only manifestations we have seen of Sabine's Tie Fighter so far. One lucky raffle winner walked away with the prize on the last day of the convention.  

When the convention was over, a fan commissioned Mirko to recreate his convention exclusive.  The custom took him 3 whole weeks to complete. A true labor of love! Lucky for us, the person backed out the deal at the last minute. 

Mirko was getting ready to list this masterpiece up on eBay when Dad sent him an offer.  I turned 12 yesterday, and I was in complete shock when I came home and saw this beauty hanging from my ceiling with all my other Rebel ships!

created by MirkoFx Studio aka Mirko Martinovic
("Sabine Wren" action figure created by Darth Daddy)



Customizer Spotlight # 43: 

Parintachin73, aka Blaise Bear, hails from Kingston, NY where his time is divided between working full-time, being a parent to a beautiful little girl, freelance graphic designing, and cramming in as many hours at his customs workspace as possible. He has been doing custom figures for about 7-8 years now with an emphasis on Star Wars figures. Although he has been known to delve into the world of superheroes from time to time, his primary goal these days is to expand his skill set and take on new challenges. 

Parintachin73 is a veteran with powerhouse skills. We added this particular figure to our collection over a year ago, but we weren't able to post the Jedi Temple Guard on the blog until now. Hasbro has only released a version of this character with five points of articulation, so having Parintachin73's super-articulated version is a real treat.  We love the soft goods he added to the figure.  The handmade keys positioned along the waistline is probably the coolest detail on this figure.

We really love his paint work. His colors are so rich and warm. Very nice on the eyes!

"Jedi Temple Guard"
created by Parintachin73

Link for his work on

For commissions please contact:


Customizer Spotlight # 44:
"Pimp2-D2's Pimp Speeder 
+ Exclusive Chauffeur Action Figure"


MANLY ART did an exclusive release of Pimp2-D2's Pimp Speeder + Exclusive Chauffeur action figure for DKE Toys to debut at 2015's San Diego Comic-Con. The run was limited to 30 speeders total. There were no more Speeders or Chauffeurs made in this colorway and they completely SOLD OUT.

Each speeder was a re-purposed vintage 1970's Kenner Land Speeder with custom cast resin windscreen and custom resin seats. The set comes with a custom Chauffeur action figure, sticker sheet and instructions. The sticker sheet includes 3 different designs for the hood in addition to cockpit controls and hood interior.  

This vehicle was a fun addition to our custom collection and one of the most unique gifts under the Christmas tree this past holiday.

"Pimp2-D2's Pimp Speeder 
+ Exclusive Chauffeur Action Figure"

The packaging for this was really beautiful and very well done.


Customizer Spotlight # 45: 
"Garouf Lafoe"

Garouf Lafoe was a male Human from Tatooine. He was an ice trader, fetching ice from the rings of Adriana and bringing it back to Tatooine. Lafoe was a patron in Chalmun's Cantina when Obi-Wan Kenobi took Luke Skywalker there. After witnessing Obi-Wan whip out a lightsaber at both Ponda Baba and Cornelius Evazan, he went outside and informed sandtrooper Davin Felth of the incident.

We figured Cantina month would be a great time to share this Mos Eisley related custom in our newest Customizer Spotlight post.  Garouf Lafoe was a character we didn't have represented in our diorama, so when we saw a rendition of him available for sale on eBay we jumped at the chance to add him.  We had many figures made by the artist CRIMSON DYNAMITE so we knew the figure was worth the investment.

CRIMSON DYNAMITE is a seasoned veteran in the customizing community. Before adopting his new monniker he had one of the most popular Star Wars custom action figure blogs in the community.  The blog in fact that inspired the creation of our own.  His weekly eBay auctions were eagerly awaited on Sunday evenings.  Custom action figure collectors were elated when the listings returned after a long hiatus.  We have over 30 of his customs here at home.  Be sure to check out his eBay page and save him to your favorite sellers.

"Garouf Lafoe"




Customizer Spotlight # 46:


reanimationtoys saw Star Wars in the summer of '77.  He said his 7 year old mind was blown away. He made figures from Lok Bloks, before figures were available, and made a TIE-Fighter and X-Wing out of cardboard for his Fisher Price astronaut figures. Later he made a sandcrawler from a large chocolate easter bunny box. He used to put his record player speakers behind his cantina and played cantina band (Moog) over and over and over! Back in '80, reanimationtoys made an AT-AT out of wood, and still laughs at the loose legs as it would not stand up at all! 

These vehicular creations were accompanied by various custom figures in those years of characters which were not produced. Unfortunately, only one survives, a Grand Moff Tarkin made from an Imperial officer. 

Too cool in the mid-late 80's for "toys", reanimationtoys interest in all things plastic was jump started again in '95 when the "He-man" POTF Star Wars figures arrived. The bug bit again. and the bite hasn't left since. reanimationtoys started dioramas in '01, and actually started with a 2001:Space Odyssey diorama, which he still hast although incomplete. Building dioramas is a way for reanimationtoys to watch and enjoy Star Wars over and over again while "checking that particular pipe in the corner of that room" or "seeing exactly where the blast marks are on that fuselage". reanimationtoys loves building these and only wishes he had more time to devote to each. Although he readily admits that if he had more time, he'd probably still be on his first project!

reanimationtoys "Death Star Detention Block AA-23 Diorama" was a great addition to the Death Star display shelves here at Customs for the Kid.  The LED's make his beautiful diorama even cooler!

We included a video slideshow below the pictures of the diorama we purchased so you can enjoy two other projects that he recently completed that are both "FOR SALE" on eBay now.  The link to his eBay page is included below as well!

"Death Star Detention Block AA-23 - Cell 2187 Diorama"
created by reanimationtoys

All photos by reanimationtoys.



"Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays & Death Star Playset" 
by thecardboardgalaxy

Recently on eBay we came across some very cool custom Star Wars action figure displays.  We picked up all three that were available and then today noticed thecardboardgalaxy added five more unique displays to the store as well.  We already received our first three in the mail and were so impressed with the products being offered, we purchased all five of his new displays as well.

We highly recommend these displays to custom action figure artists that want to display their finished action figure art in all its glory.  If you spend hours working on a figure it deserves a good photoshoot with a nice background to complement it.  Good backgrounds are something we can't stress enough to artists just starting out.  If you want the eye of peers, a nice background is key to your overall presentation, even if it is just a clean solid background color.  

"Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays" 
created by thecardboardgalaxy

The included tiered risers make it easy to support several figures in your display at the same time. 

"Death Star Playset"
created by thecardboardgalaxy

"Yavin IV Base Playset"
by thecardboardgalaxy



Scott Cherry aka Barbarian Rage Toys has been making toys for over a year now.  We were fortunate to come across his toys on Facebook and when we heard about the limited edition launch of his "X-Ray R2-D2" action figure, we were probably the first person to make a purchase when the figure was available for purchase.  Since the figure's launch there have been several variations that were released from a bloody version to a glow-in-the-dark internal skeleton figure. All of them were eye catching.  Barbarian Rage Toys continues to release these limited edition runs of unique retro figures from franchises like Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and other influences from the 80s - early 90s.  His figures are all hand painted and sculpted.

We recommend frequently visiting his Facebook page or Instagram to see what he has in store for us all next. Also be sure to check out his comic strip!

"X-Ray R2-D2"

Patreon , Instagram, Facebook, and Official Website


"Rogue One - The Death Star Plans" 
by Phill Scott

Recently, Star Wars customizer Phillip Scott created a 3.75" accessory for the Jyn Erso action figure that I wish we all got on store pegs...the Death Star Plans.  After making the piece, he molded it and produced a limited run of casts.  When he asked if any fellow artists were interested in obtaining a cast, we jumped at the chance to add the small cartridge to the hand of our Black Series figure.  As soon as we received it in the mail, we took some pictures to show it off.

"Rogue One - The Death Star Plans"
by Phillip Scott


"Rogue One - The Death Star Plans" by Phillip Scott


"Star Wars Rebels" Action Figure Bleacher
by Thank The Maker

Around our birthdays, we received a surprise package in the mail from our good friend Thank The Maker and we couldn't believe what we found inside the box.  Back in August, we did a feature on Thank The Maker's super cool Action Figure Bleacher Kits.  He painted up a few of the kits to to show how customizable these sets were. All of them were quite stunning, and really showcased what an impressive painter Thank The Maker is. 

His Star Wars: Rebels inspired bleacher especially caught our eye.  From the Sabine inspired paint scheme and taggings, to the sleeping quarters of Zeb and Ezra built into the right side of the stand, so much thought and planning went into this amazing work of art.  It's truly incredible. It made a great birthday even better! We loved it so much we spent the rest of the day rearranging all the display shelves in my room just to accommodate it, and boy it was so worth it! The Rebels shelf in my room looks amazing. 

The next day we have free, we are going to do an updated video to show everything we have on my shelves so stay tuned!


The sleeping quarters aboard The Ghost was such a cool touch he added to the piece!

Click image above to view a 2nd bonus video!


Custom Cast Cargo Accessory Bundles" created by Empire Toy Works

This year I used some of my birthday money to purchase some items from Empire Toy Works to enhance my diorama displays. In the mail, I received a variety of really cool replicas of some Star Wars crates, generators and barrels that I absolutely love.  I highly recommend checking out this artists eBay page for not only the cool accessories he has available, but also to see his gorgeous wooden Star Wars dioramas that I hope to own one day!

"Custom Cast Cargo Accessory Bundles" 
created by Empire Toy Works

ROT-GUT STATION (Spaceport Playset) created by EMPIRE TOY WORKS
Slideshow Video by Darth Daddy


created by sterlistr

Glaucus was a Octeroid male who was also known by the nicknames "Big Guy" and "Big Eye". In 10 BBY, Glaucus spent time watching matches of sabacc in the Lodge on the planet Vandor and witnessed matches between the smugglers Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. He preferred spectating to playing as other players could see his card values reflected in his eye.

Lark and Jonk, nicknamed the twins was a Danzikan who was also present playing inthe infamous sabacc game where Han Solo and Lando Calrissian first met.

Star Wars customizer, sterlistr, offered painted resin casts for both of these characters for sale an his eBay page and we jumped at the chance to add these characters to our collection. Because Hasbro has not released any of the sabacc players from the film "Solo: A Star Wars Story", action figures of any of the characters are in high demand. We highly grab picking up some for yourselves while they are still available.

created by sterlistr

created by sterlistr


created by Jaeger45

Well, we are halfway through the year, and we are confident in saying that Christopher Herman aka Jaeger45, has made the two coolest customs so far this year. When Dad first saw the soft goods robe and sculpted RAF flight suit on Jaeger45's "Rennek" we were pretty sure it was the best soft goods work we had ever seen in the 3.75" scale. From the resin beads that accent the sleeves to the fur trim, Rennek had all the bells and whistles. The fit of the robe on the action figure looked like it was made by a professional tailor.

When Dad mentioned to Jaeger45 that he was interested in having the figure commissioned, he agreed to the request and when the figure came in the mail, we were surprised to find a head and robes to make his "Pucimir Thryss" action figure in the box too! Jaeger45 said we just needed a Coffee colored Vitruvian H.A.C.K.s Blank Figure from Boss Fight Studio to complete the figure. We already had one in our fodder so we only had to paint the sandals to add him to our Jabba display.

The paint application on the figures he sent were just phenomenal, and they were two of the nicest figures we ever added to our collection. We were so thankful and we couldn't be more pleased! 

We highly recommend checking out more from this artist in the link below.

"Rennek & Pucimir Thryss"
created by Jaeger45

Background from thecardboardgalaxy.

Background from thecardboardgalaxy

To see more custom action figures from Jaeger45 click the link below:


3.75" "ORRAY" created by Lord Sixth Customs

Lord Sixth Customs has been making amazing customs for many years now. Dad once featured his customs back in 2015 in one of his features for "Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner". What we always loved about this artist was his focus on the creatures of the Star Wars universe. When he recently made one of his latest creations available to a small number of collectors, we jumped at the chance to own one of his creations. 

The Orray were one of the cooler creatures to appear in "Attack of the Clones". The Geonosian battle arena was filled with several eye-catching beasts, but while Hasbro did a stellar job bringing the gladiatorial creatures to life, the larger service creatures like the Orray were not found on toy store shelves. Orrays appeared across the screen present in the background amid all the action both being ridden by their Geonosian mounts as well as being seen pulling the chariot transporting Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi Anakin Skywalker into the arena as they openly confessed their love for each other and shared a kiss.

When building a diorama and recreating the scene at home, we felt that the Orray made by Lord Sixth Customs was a necessary addition to any Prequel collection. The paint and handcrafted accessories are meticulously executed in this piece. From the detailed paintwork on the creature's eye's down to the leather work throughout. We can't express how fortunate we feel to have this piece added to our collection. 

We heavily suggest using the links below to stay on top of this artists work in case another offering like this rolls along. I would hate for anyone to miss out on a future release.


created by Lord Sixth Customs


You can see Lord Sixth Customs on display at Sideshow Collectors:

Lord Sixth Customs Facebook page:
Lord Sixth Customs on Instagram:



For the holidays, I received some really cool custom pieces from artist Murat Bingöl of Turkey who goes by UZAY CUSTOMS. He carries so many pieces I have wanted to add to my collection for a long time now. I had received the Blurrgs and the Lanai for Christmas and Murat was nice enough to throw in a baby Grogu, baby Blurrg, a carbonized Mythrol, and some crate and barrel accessories with our first order. Dad asked me to wait before posting them all to the blog knowing we still had a second shipment incoming and it would be better to post everything all at once.

This past weekend, I received my next batch of offerings from UZAY CUSTOMS which included some great pieces from The Mandalorian as well as a pod from the Revenge of the Sith that held Anakin's charred body after his duel with Obi-Wan on the planet of Mustafar. The Kowakian Kebab cooking station was the coolest offering from this weekend, because that was one of the biggest standout moments of the first episode of the show for me. The Heavy Cannon was the other big standout moment from the episode so it was really awesome that I was able to add both to our collection.

UZAY CUSTOMS has some beautiful customs that would make great additions to anyone's collections. It is important to mention that he uses a filament printer to make his pieces so if print lines are something that bother you, you may want to take that into account. We feel like the post-print paint applications do a great job distracting you from those lines so take that into consideration as well. UZAY has upgraded his Blurrgs since our purchase, and his new version now has articulation like his new Mudhorn custom. In the near future, we are hoping to pick up some of his new Gamorrean fighters from Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

created by UZAY CUSTOMS

Love the little Blurrg he gifted us.

Uzay Customs surprised us by packing these items in with our order free of charge.

created by UZAY CUSTOMS

This was also a cool bonus we didn't expect!

created by UZAY CUSTOMS

created by UZAY CUSTOMS