Friday, January 3, 2014

Colin's World Tour

We've introduced you to the work of prolific Star Wars customizer, Colin Hobbs aka Colins Customs, here on the blog before, but we thought it would be really cool to show you how we participated in Colin's World Tour over our holiday season.

Who would like to help Colin travel around the world? Colin's been thinking of doing this for some time! If Colin can't travel the world then maybe his mini Colin can. If you would like to take part then Colin will send the figure to you and you take a pic of him at some great event or landmark.  Just tag Colin in the pic then forward on to the next person. This could be great fun with maybe a 2-year world tour for Colins Customs!

We had Colin over the week of Christmas.  While with us Colin took a trip to the Empire State Building, Grand Central station and Times Square.  When we got back home, we let Colin participate in our Christmas morning traditions, took a few photos of Colin's custom action figure with Rebekkah, the first Star Wars custom action figure that we ever made as well as photos with a few other parts of my collection.  Colin left our house earlier this week and is off to his next destination. We're looking forward to seeing where else Colin visits while on his tour.

 Colin's Visit with Customs for the Kid